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People who are weary and tired of their city life generally seek peace and quiet in the small communities nearby. In recent years, more and more families and individuals have realized the value of moving to South Carolina, and there is no better place to live than Summerville. Many people would say that this city has its own personality and has also been recognized as the “flowery city of pine trees” for the beautiful landscapes it offers.

Best Buy In Summerville

Thanks to an eclectic mix of young families and working adults, this city has a well-established construction industry and military presence. Thus, Summerville has gradually evolved over the years into the resting place it is today. If you’ve recently decided to move to this city or are thinking of doing so, here’s your ultimate guide to all things Summerville.

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As of 2018, Summerville had a population of 50,900 people, who in total have a median age of 35.5, making it a relatively young city. This population number increased from 49,122 in 2017, reflecting an increase of 3.61%. In 2019, that number increased further to a total of 52,549. Between 2017 and 2018, Summerville also saw a 2.56% increase in median household income, from $57,825 to $59,306.

Additionally, Summerville had a median land value of $199,500 in 2018, along with a 64.4% homeownership rate. Although Summerville’s cost of living is higher than the South Carolina average, it is still lower than the rest of the country combined. To get a better idea of ​​the cost of living in Summerville, here is a table showing a side-by-side comparison between Summerville, SC, and the national average:

Households in the City of Summerville have a median income of $59,306, with men earning about 1.37 times as much as women. In addition, Summerville’s economy employs 24,2000 people, which is an increase of 2.56% from the previous year with 22,700 employees. The largest industries are health care and social assistance, manufacturing, and retail.

As mentioned, the median annual income in Summerville is $59,306, which is lower than the state’s median annual income of $61,937. Here are some key job categories if you’re looking for work here.

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Summerville also has jobs that have a large number of employees compared to other areas, such as:

There is never a shortage of things to do in Summerville, no matter what you want to do in your spare time.

If you’re looking for a quiet retreat with panoramic views, head to Azalea Park and the Sculpture Garden. Just steps from historic downtown Summerville, this garden offers a wide variety of flowers and beautiful bronze sculptures. The garden is also easily explored through its shaded walkways, making it a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

This garden also serves as the venue for two wonderful events that take place each year; Sculpture in the South and the Summerville YMCA’s Flowertown Festival. Be sure to mark your calendars for these events if you’re looking for a fun-filled day in one of the city’s most beautiful locations.

Blair Rd, Summerville, Sc 29483

Toast of Summerville (along with its sister Toast of Charleston) is the place to be for any meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. Featuring Lowcountry cuisine, you’ll find high-quality Southern dishes here like shrimp and grits, crab cakes, chicken, steaks and other American favorites. All this served to diners both inside and outside, where you can eat on the terrace, which makes this restaurant the toast of the town.

Beer lovers will also love Summerville, as two of the best breweries operate here: Homegrown Brewhouse and Oak Road Brewery. Both are centrally located and are great places to unwind after a long day of work or city adventures. Additionally, Oak Road Brewery is the first brewery in South Carolina to create their micro-batch beer. Open five days a week, the brewery bar houses a great collection of classic Oak Road beers. They also offer weekly and monthly rotating beers, so you’ll be trying something new every day.

On the other hand, Homegrown Brewhouse is a restaurant and bar that has more than 40 taps that serve the best beers in South Carolina. Their goal is to collect all beers brewed in the barrel state to give visitors and locals the best experience. They also provide patrons with a great vibe and relaxed atmosphere that beer lovers will be happy to return to again and again.

The weather in Summerville is something that most people enjoy. It receives an average of 51 inches of rain each year, compared to the statewide average of 38 inches. Additionally, the city averages an inch of snow each year, which is much less than the rest of the country with an average of 28 inches. Finally, Summerville enjoys 209 days of sunshine per year, while the US average is only 205 days. Here are some highlights about Summerville’s weather that you might want to keep in mind:

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If you want to visit Summerville during its most pleasant months, April, May, and October are the best times to do so. Meanwhile, July and August are not so good for traveling in this city.

Due to its booming economy and rapidly growing community, Summerville is no longer the retirement town it once was. With constant expansions and new developments, people are always moving, and as a result, more and more cars are on the streets. According to elderly residents, the traffic in recent years has been overwhelming given that they have lived in the city since the 1960s.

Unfortunately, traffic along North Main Street has become a growing problem, with residents complaining about traffic safety and congestion. As a result, officials had to mount campaigns to address these problems. Unfortunately, getting to the United States can be a nightmare. Highway 78 or Main Street must be taken during rush hour, and congestion becomes routine at intersections.

If you’re looking for ways to get around Summerville, you’ll need to rent a car to get to and from places efficiently. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to get to this city other than using your car or bike, but if you prefer public transportation, you can use the bus that stops around S Main St, E Richardson Ave, and Berlin G. Myers Park & Ride Parkway.

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Surprisingly, Summerville has an airport; Summerville Airport is a county-owned, public-use airport located just 6 miles from the Summerville central business district. As part of the National Plan for Integrated Airport Systems between 2011 and 2015, its use in general aviation is expected. The airport covers an area of ​​195 acres with a runway that measures 5,000 by 75 feet.

There’s also plenty of golf in Summerville, where amateurs and professionals alike enjoy spending time on the many courses this city has to offer. These are some of the best places to play golf in the region.

This 27-hole course is located on one of the city’s oldest plantations, and the Westcott Plantation Golf Club offers some of the area’s best Lowcountry attractions. This golf course is surrounded by centuries-old oak trees that frame the lush vegetation and amenities around each hole. It is further divided into three smaller patios; Burn Kill, Black Robin and Oak Forest, all of which have origins steeped in plantation history.

While Burn Kill offers a more difficult challenge than Oak Forest, Black Robin still offers a more difficult course. All three courses share a classic bunker style and have wetlands like ponds and intertwined streams for more obstacles. One of the most unique holes on the entire course is Hole 8, where the black and blue tees take a completely different approach than the green, white and red.

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Pine Forest offers 18 semi-private holes that wind through towering Summerville Pines, plus dogwoods, oaks, and a lake included for good measure. This course offers equal parts doglegs, elevation changes and straights, making it perfectly balanced, offering fun and challenges for all types of golfers.

Rated for 138 runs and 6,905 yards, Pine Forest has several barriers of tall Summerville Pines that will make you hard on every shot. Designed by Bob Spence, the course also uses water to increase the challenge on certain holes. Being a semi-private course, each hole has a name, without. 12 known as “Little Augusta”, and no. 15 are called “Wasteland”.

Golf isn’t the only sport you can enjoy in Summerville, as it also boasts beautiful bodies of water. In this city you can live all kinds of adventures in its many rivers and lakes.

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