Best Butchers In Scotland

Best Butchers In Scotland – Arbroath Butchers’ huge success Arbroath Butchers business officially produces the best sausages in Scotland – backed by recent National Awards announcement

Family butcher D H Robertson has just been crowned National Beef Link Sausage Champion at the Scottish Craft Butchers Awards 2022. No recipes have been entered in previous competitions and have been adapted and improved over time. he said:

Best Butchers In Scotland

“We went into the championship with hope, not expectations. We were very excited to be the champions. It was great. took some getting used to,” praised Stephen. His young male apprentice who is responsible for the development and production of sausage. The pressure is on. “Don’t skimp on quality.” Pork and beef links, a large part of D H Robertson’s business, use high quality meat that is locally sourced and handcrafted. -made in the store. increase. Stephen adds: The competition attracted entries from across Scotland and Julian Warner’s sponsor, Lucas Ingredients, said it was a great opportunity to welcome, recognize and reward the best entrants in the industry. he said: Award category. “The skill and creativity required to create a delicious beef sausage reflects the core values ​​of our brand. Congratulations to Stephen and his team on becoming national champions.” Scottish Craft Butchers president Tom Coates said the standards on display at the competition reflected the quality craft butchers were producing across the country. “Knowing that its product has been judged the best in Scotland is a huge boost for butchers, and consumers know that D H Robertson’s over-the-counter, championship-winning product is the vote of the judges.” NFU Scotland Chairman Martin Kennedy and Chief Executive Scott Walker had the privilege of refereeing the finals of the tournament. Kennedy then said: “Red meat and their role in telling people our great stories about local, sustainable, welfare and the environment. Ultimately, beef, lamb, pork and chicken matter. Where the meat comes from and how it is grown: ” And with quality products such as as those on the shortlist, the future of Scottish Craft Butchers is assured.” S Collins & Son of Muirhead, Scotland Received the industry’s highest annual national award for flying the butcher’s flag.

Award Winning Butcher Where Customers Come First

The North Lanarkshire butcher has been officially voted ‘Best in Britain’ five times.

Muirhead’s S Collins & Son lifted the industry’s highest national award of the year as Britain’s best butcher just after winning their fifth Scottish title.

The staff at a popular family-run butchery near Glasgow achieved a unique double diamond at the Guild’s Q-Star Awards in Smithfield, marking two products as best-of-breed, an incredible After a week from such success I could not wipe the joy from my face. in the country.

Founder Stewart Collins could only dream of such success when he started his business in 1955.

Best Butchers ‘meat’ To Test Skills At Regional Comp

Now, two generations and 67 years later, 49-year-old grandson Stewart and 47-year-old brother Fraser are enjoying unprecedented success in the industry as award-winning butchers.

“Winning the Scottish title again is a real thrill,” says Stewart.

“This is an incredible honor and we are so proud of everyone in the business.

“For the past few years, everyone has worked hard as butchers to keep the country fed during the Covid outbreak,” said Stewart.

Ceres Butchers Fife Scotland

“Everyone has spent weeks without rest. This award is simply a reward for everyone’s outstanding effort. It is simply recognition of their hard work and dedication.”

Stewart explained that Muirhead’s shop, which opened in 1979, was invited to the UK’s Best Butchers Awards.

Stewart said: “A big thank you to the whole team for all the physical, emotional and mental hardships we went through together. Nothing more.

Stewart attributes S. Collins & Son’s success to a modern, forward-thinking approach without losing sight of traditional values ​​and service standards.

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The company has built an unrivaled reputation for high quality products and superior service, employing over 40 staff at its Muirhead location and a second at Scotmid in Addingston.

And two products manufactured and sold at these stores have proven to be the national winner with Smithfield’s prestigious Diamond Award.

“We have been recognized for serving the best sirloin steak and best black pudding in the UK, each with a Diamond Award – a double honor never before achieved”

The award-winning Black Pudding is one of Stewart and Fraser’s grandfather’s original recipes, hand-mixed with several changes over the years to accommodate changing tastes, hand-filled.

East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom. 31st March 2020. Local Food Delivery During Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic: John Gilmour Butcher In Macmerry Normally Supplies To Catering And Restaurants But Is Making Home Deliveries Now

“The trick is to buy the right cows from the right farms and hang them in the traditional way for the right time,” he said.

“Our beef is bought directly by my dad at Lanark Market every Monday from a variety of local farms, including Cannonby’s Blockwoodless Farm, and is cold-dried for 30 days. The right time to sell. We’ll wait until, luckily, the judges know us too.

“All our fresh meat is of the highest quality, sourced from local farms and markets, and all our provenance is fully guaranteed,” explains Stewart. Our products and in-house expertise have won numerous awards and are widely recognized in the food industry.”

S. Collins & Son also prides itself on its strong community identity, and there is no doubt that this latest accolade will delight its customers.

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“They will be really proud,” Stewart said.

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