Best Boxing Gyms In Boston

Best Boxing Gyms In Boston – Want to sign up for Rock ‘N Rumble or Belles of Brawl and learn more about where you could spend the next four months if chosen? Do you want to know the gym where our boxers train? See below for an inside look at the gym helping Haymakers for Hope athletes prepare for Fight Night at the Boston Capitals.

BoxSmith Run by Haymakers alum Jess Smith, in West Roxbury. Female singles head coach and Gym Owner at Haymakers. Small gym with bags and rings. He is strict and honest. family situation. Welcome to the atmosphere. He beat you and prepared you. He teaches you the basics and puts you through a lot of hoops. The most fun

Best Boxing Gyms In Boston

Corebox Randolph For a big, beautiful gym with lots to offer, check out Corebox. Located in Randolph, half of the warehouse space is dedicated to fitness training, complete with weights and CrossFit equipment. Instead you will find rings with heavy bags and modern boxing equipment. Owner Tim Stanton is the new Haymakers trainer, but at the latest Fight Nights, Corebox players are always ready and willing to fight.

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Elite Boxing & Fitness Elite Boxing is located at the national gym in North Attleboro. The boxing club has a great ring and a solid youth strength & conditioning program, but its best asset is the Haymakers alumni network. Many Belles of Brawl fighters have come from Elite and give a point to help newbies every year to train.

EverbodyFights The sports chain in downtown Boston has a cult following, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a one-stop shop for classes (they offer circuit, HIIT, yoga and running sessions), but their main specialty is combat training. Owner George Foreman III (yes, George Foreman’s son) runs tough classes that will make you sweat, but he’s also created a friendly, down-to-earth community of heroes. EBF is full of Haymakers alumni. It’s no wonder they keep coming back: the gym is well-designed with beautiful lockers, amazing lighting and plenty of Instagram-worthy hooks for post-workout snaps.

Firicano’s Boxing and Fitness Center On Boston’s North Shore, you’ll find Haymakers training at Firicano’s Boxing and Fitness Center, operated and owned by Michael Firicano. The gym itself is in a small studio, but the main advantage for fighters here is Fircano himself. The men and women who come out of this gym are great advocates for good looks.

Fitness Advantage Suburban gym Fitness Advantage is Haymakers’ primary resource. They have been with the Haymakers since Year One and have seen almost every Fight Night that has been staged in Boston. The fighters here love the work area – one area is for strength training, the other contains the ring room and bag for traiditonal training. Also, there is no shortage of inspiration at Fitness Benefits; the gym is decorated with large blast images of professional fighters in action.

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Grealish Boxing The Grealish family own and run this boxing club in the heart of Dorchester. Boxers looking for an old school gym will feel right at home here. Grealish’s trainer, Derek Shea, is one of Boston’s most famous boxers and his fighters benefit from training focused on boxing and mind and amazing boxing techniques.

Haverhill Downtown Boxing Any boxer outside of Downtown Haverhill will tell you that this is a local gem… if you can find it. An inconspicuous door from the street leads you to a basement gym with a lovely family room. The coaching staff is almost entirely made up of former Gold Gloves and Haverhill is a great place to get ready for Haymakers Fight Night.

Old school fight gym Jim McNally Boxing North Reading takes its name from the former professional trainer and head. Jim’s resume is extensive (he comes from a fighting family and worked as a sparring partner for “The Big One” Marvin Hagler) and runs a gym with trainers of similar experience. . JMB is perfect for any Haymakers looking to find boxing focused on fitness and training.

Lucky Punch fighters lucky enough to train with Lucky Punch’s Todd Paris are welcomed into the united fighter family. The team at Lucky Punch splits their time between different locations around Boston, but this family of fighters is fiercely loyal and the support you get from other co-workers here is the ultimate motivation. Lucky Punch Haymakers alumni have been known to return to help new fighters prepare for their fights.

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Twin Nolan Brothers Matt and Mark Nolan have set their own new record and live channel training for new fighters. Fighters here can focus on general fitness, but opportunities for strength training here are plentiful. Nolan Brothers is the only gym in the area that hosts smoking bouts, and H4H training competitors here get plenty of opportunities to get comfortable in the ring.

Nonantum Boxing Club In the Newton’s Lake neighborhood, the Haymakers train out of a community gym run by locals Marc Gargaro and Nathan Busa. A sense of home defines Nonantum BC and is a family friendly boxing club. Both owners have impressive boxing careers of their own and in addition to training H4H fighters to success, they have extensive training experience, including a world tour with the United States Women’s Boxing Association. Marc’s own artwork adorns the walls and if you look closely, you can see Haymakers Co-Founder Julie Kelly at work here.

TKO BoxFit In Weymouth, TKO Boxfit fighters receive a variety of classes from traditional boxing to more modern fitness and fitness classes. Owners Chris and Ryan both hold professional boxing records, and as current fighters, they specialize in preparing new Haymakers boxers for Fight Night.

Ex-Marine Brandon Montella and his trainer Gene Lawrence not only have experience in boxing training, they run a true sport. The Haymakers for Hope team has a soft spot for The Way’s family of fighters, but don’t be fooled; Montella and Lawrence run a workout that will kill you and the smokers who come out of this gym are in the top class of boxing.

Of The Best Gyms In Boston, Ma

UpperKuts Boxing Club Haymakers for Hope fighters love UpperKuts BC for its community involvement (they run an after-school program for at-risk youth) and professional weight training (owner AJ is still involved in training Thomas pro fighters like Danny O’Connor). Located in downtown Ashland, UpperKuts promises that “no two workouts are the same” and offers a variety of training levels and styles to prepare boxers for their first fight.

Lion’s Zone YMCA Inside the Cambridge Y building, you’ll find the Lion’s Zone, led by trainer Wahset Tafari. This gym has the perfect blend of old school boxing with new equipment. The Warriors were able to spend time with Coach Wahset in addition to being able to attend his classes. Lion’s Club members have no shortage of talented mentors, colleagues and teammates, and Haymakers’ Julie Kelly says the class is nothing to scoff at: “If you can make it work, you’re a champion.” MK Boxing is a family owned and operated gym established in 2005. We have 17 years of experience providing professional boxing and fitness classes to the Greater Boston area. We specialize in boxing classes (as well as kids and women’s boxing classes), Kickboxing classes, MMA classes, Muay Thai classes in our community.

At MK Boxing you will find a wonderful friendly atmosphere with great instructors. We welcome people from all walks of life and all sporting and boxing skills.

Our facilities are equipped with everything you need to train your body, including boxing rings, weight bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, overhead bags and other equipment in a comfortable working environment.

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Whether you are trying to master martial arts or martial arts or are just starting to find fitness, we hope you will choose us!

We welcome students from the nearby Massachusetts cities of Billerica MA, Lowell, Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Chelmsford, Woburn, Carlisle, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Reading and Woburn to our boxing gym.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.

When you arrive at MK Boxing Gym we will help you identify your sporting goals and track your progress to ensure you stay motivated.

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If you’re looking for a more energetic way to get in shape, maintain an active lifestyle and help improve the community of Billerica, MA, come to MK Boxing Gym!

I have been boxing for over 30 years and for the past 8 years I have enjoyed being a member of MK Boxing. This summer I won the 2015 Ringside World Championship in the Masters Division and MK Boxing helped me achieve that – I couldn’t have done it without them. Master Mike Knox, teacher Justin Piper and brother Christian Berrios survived with me and helped me.

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