Best Black Hair Salon In San Antonio Tx

Best Black Hair Salon In San Antonio Tx – Finally, your beautiful hair! Trained by world and international champions for 10 years… So how do you determine the best salon/stylist in San Antonio?

As a top designer with a world champion and international hair design team of 10 years* and now a Master Stylist, we would like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to visit Bella Hair Designs, your unique and personal salon in San Antonio . .

Best Black Hair Salon In San Antonio Tx

Now that you’ve found us, you can get your hair done while we listen to your wants, needs and concerns, then customize the cut and color around your wishes so you never settle for a “typical” haircut. be

Best Hair Salons In San Antonio

Most stylists come out of beauty school with no idea of ​​the potential of creating amazing hair. Therefore, they learn two or three different hairstyles and techniques and use the same cuts and techniques in each hairstyle. In this way, they create a style and force every customer to adapt to this model year after year, decade after decade. It’s like forcing a square hole into a round hole or saying “These shoes can be used for any occasion”. Obviously, it would be a fashion disaster, but so is your hair.

Whether you want a style that’s edgy, chic, sophisticated, elegant, or a combination of all of the above, you’ll walk away with a new look that’ll have heads turning and compliments everywhere. was Be sure to ask about our restorative treatments to keep your hair shiny and healthy again.

At Bella Hair Designs, we are always looking for exceptional and natural products. For example, we now offer ammonia hair dyes. For more information, click here.

“… [Isabel from Bella Hair Design] allowed me to exceed all my expectations.

Professional Hair Salon In San Antonio Tx

Do you describe the best salon as an over-the-top environment where the stylist pulls out a beard and starts cutting hair just because it’s the latest technology? Is this how you choose your doctor, lawyer, or accountant, based on makeup or pretty words?

I don’t. You make your choice based on proven results, track record of success and ability to get the job done right the first time.

Only certain lengths, cuts, styles and even colors are known. Have you noticed that you keep getting the same box or color year after year? The same “layers”, the same “bob”, the same “swept brother” and so on.

We do not rush the process of providing quality services, so be sure to take extra time when you are our guest. Therefore, we work by appointment only to give you our full attention.

Boojie Hair In San Antonio Tx

Your appointment takes place in a comfortable environment, without having to meet in a typical salon.

So please share with us the aspects of your hair that you think would be best shared in a particular space. We believe that in some cases the condition of your hair can be a very personal and private matter until it is ready to be revealed to the world.

Have you ever wondered “What is a Master Silist?” Click here to discover a secret the hair industry doesn’t want you to know.

* For 10 years, Isabel Gage, your Master Stylist, has been part of an elite team of 4 people. Two of these members, the cut master and her sister the colored master, won world and international championships before Isabelle joined the team. Isabelle was fortunate enough to benefit from intensive and personal training from these two incredible heroes. As a result, Isabel was assigned to train other budding artists while serving on the team. Reviews are not funny! reviews genuine reviews and only verifies them if we know the reviewer has visited the facility.

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You will be happy. Her hair is always amazing. Every time I come, I leave her studio happier. He is also a great person and a very hardworking professional who loves his job. His designs really reflect this. Show more

Pink love! His hands are magical! He always exceeds my expectations when it comes to my hair! Today we cut 6 inches and added some… layers with curtains! I couldn’t be happier with the results! I LIKE IT! Show more

I finally made it for my hair. Better!! I have had a haircut for over 15 years, looking for one that doesn’t hurt my hair anymore. He only regretted that he didn’t see Rose sooner. I am so in love with my new look. Show more

Definitely love the atmosphere! Very interesting room! Great job as always with Rose. We will be back whenever we need a barber or other service. Show more

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Rose is the BOMB!!! I moved here from Vegas in 2012 and still haven’t had anyone cut my hair properly. I have very thick and … thick hair. I just went with my natural gray and desperately needed a straight cut. Rose knocked it out of the park!!! THANKS ROSA See more

Hello, my name is Rosa and I have been a stylist for 6 years. I enjoy using my knowledge to create what my clients envision. I love updating classic looks to make them fun for the active woman! I enjoy building strong relationships with my clients and helping them express their personality through their appearance. When I’m not at the gym, you can catch me at the lake or traveling somewhere! I can’t wait for you to look and feel your best 💞Reviews are no joke! reviews genuine reviews and only verifies them if we know the reviewer has visited the facility.

Erica was very professional. Did an amazing job and fulfilled my wishes for the final look I wanted. Highly recommended.

Ever since I left the chair, I haven’t stopped getting compliments on my gear. Thanks Erica! I will definitely be back

Best Hair Salons Near San Antonio, Tx

You are so good!! Thank you for trusting me to cut and grow my hair. Always happy on my couch!!

You are very good! I’m glad you like your bras and feel comfortable in the store. It was nice to have you in my chair. I hope you have a great weekend!!

It was her first time sewing and it was amazing. She definitely did her job and I really appreciate her. I will definitely be back for another appointment. Show more

I love the way my hair is styled, I got so many compliments on my lashes, highly recommend

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Erika has styled my hair a few times now and I have yet to be disappointed when it dries! I usually get 2-4 point weaves and they have always lasted me 3-4 weeks depending on how I take care of them. She does amazing with communication details and I highly recommend her. Friendly service throughout the store! Show more

I enjoyed my time on this chair. He really knows what he’s doing! I stayed longer than I would have liked, but because we had such great conversations with everyone in the shop! He is really talented and hospitable Show more

My son is happy with his hair. My only problem was the weather. Our meeting started about an hour late, but she agreed and apologized. I’ll be back. See More Anyone who has been to a salon knows that finding natural black hair stylists and barbers can be difficult. It’s the skill, the talent, and a deep understanding of how to best work with each texture that is required to work effectively with curly hair. The problem is that there are a disproportionate number of professional stylists who understand how to work with all hair types – and in particular, black hair complications – which means that people with natural textures are often left out of the conversation. . Most stylists outside of the black community know little or nothing about black hair.

The biggest problem is that many stylists don’t learn the value of curly hair, let alone curly hair types. We often face a lack of training and salon services around natural hair, and in addition, we can find ourselves in a situation where a stylist tries to put all the texts in a box and method, we get down and down.

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After becoming frustrated that hair school programs didn’t properly train stylists in natural hair, Aisha Gatlin, who founded Lux ​​Beauty School of Cosmetology, said, “Stylists are trained in one type of hair because they don’t need to know. more for their state exam, but when they walk into the salon, it’s like they’re back in beauty school. Only 19 states require this special training.

The focus should not be on passing the state exam, but on actually walking in with the knowledge to handle any type of hair, as there is no foundation.

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