Best Beaches In Tahiti

Best Beaches In Tahiti – Tahiti and its outer islands have many beautiful beaches, although they offer a different beauty than what Australians are used to. The beaches on the lagoons and bays are peaceful stretches of coral sand that offer warm tropical waters teeming with fish. Bring your reef shoes and snorkel and immerse yourself in another paradise. Here are the best beaches in Tahiti:

This is a very nice white sand beach west of the Le Meridien Resort in the Punaauia area. Great for swimming and snorkeling, there is also a nearby park with public showers and toilets. Easily accessible by public bus service “Le Truck”.

Best Beaches In Tahiti

Lafayette is one of many black sand beaches stained by volcanic rock. The sand is soft, in some places it sinks up to the knees; For Australians used to white granular sand, this is a different experience.

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This is definitely not a peaceful lagoon! Often called the world’s deadliest wave, watch thrill seekers battle it out on one of the world’s most famous reef surfing spots. Big, heavy, tight barrels on jagged coral make this an “experts only” adventure.

Good public beaches are rare in Bora Bora, but this stretch of white sand offers shady palm trees, safe swimming and easy snorkeling. At low tide you can cross the falls from Mathira Point to the barrier reef.

Like nearby Bora Bora, this lush island is dotted with islands, each bordered by pristine white sand beaches. Take a walk, enjoy beautiful coral drifts, have a picnic lunch, feed sharks and rays, or visit a herb farm.

Temae is a white sand beach and can be rocky in places, but around the barrier reef the snorkeling is easy and there are plenty of places to stretch out. Admire the spectacular views of Mount Moore before heading to the Sofitel for lunch.

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This 800m long public beach on the northeast side of Opunohu Bay is a favorite and on weekends you can see families swimming under the trees, playing football and having picnics. Sit back and enjoy the local atmosphere as you watch the catamaran regatta at the nearby Mura Sailing School.

Tikehau is a small circular atoll near Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Archipelago, known for its pink sand, which is the source of its coral color. This remote treasure has a shallow lagoon teeming with marine life.

Fakarava, known for some of the best diving destinations in the world, is located southeast of Rangiroa at the head of the lake. Fakarava has two famous inlets to the lagoon, which are teeming with marine life including lemon sharks, white sharks and hammerhead sharks.

In some bays you’ll find completely deserted beaches, and many resorts can arrange picnic lunches for a day of playing Robinson Crusoe (and friends). Their hometown has a history of heaven on earth. Blue lakes, beaches with white, pink and black sand, corals and a variety of water will surprise even the most discerning tourist. Find out what other advantages the beaches of French Polynesia have in our ratings.

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The Society Islands of French Polynesia consist of 115 islands of various sizes, densely populated and uninhabited. Tahiti is the main island of the archipelago. Its two mountains are separated by an isthmus, so it looks like a turtle. Despite the variety of landscapes, Tahiti does not have many beaches. There are even fewer good beaches. The beach has white and black sand, calm waters and strong waves, rocks and pebbles. You will find beach corners in Tahiti for every taste.

Hua Hin Island is 175 km from Tahiti. Actually, it is a big island and a small island connected by a bridge.

Bora Bora Atoll, located in the South Pacific Ocean, belongs to the group of French Polynesian Society Islands and is known as Paradise on Earth. It gets such a smooth definition because of its natural strength. Incredibly clean water, white sandy beaches, year-round temperature of +27°, palm trees spread out on the beach, soft sun, warm body and soul. All of this is directly in line with our idea of ​​what heaven should be like.

Moore is 17 kilometers from Tahiti and is heart-shaped. It is a place of pilgrimage for lovers from all over the world. They come here for the most romantic wedding.

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Tikehau Island is a very round island with a diameter of 1 km and 300 km from Tahiti.

Nukuhiva is the capital of the Marquesas Islands. The best swimming spot on the island is Anahoe Bay with its golden sands. The water here is calm and the shallow water is pleasant. secret place

Shivaoa Island is located in the Marquesas Islands, 1250 km from Tahiti. It used to be the capital of the islands, and recently the palm was brought to Nuku-hiva.

The project aims to relax on the beach. We don’t write about what we don’t know. All descriptions and characteristics of the beaches of French Polynesia are based on the reviews of tourists from all over the world. With our help, you can choose the ideal place and learn about the beach’s infrastructure, popularity and other information. Few things conjure up hula dancers, lush tropical vegetation, vanilla sea breezes, and stunning stretches of sugar-sand beaches like the word “Tahiti.” If Tahiti isn’t already on your travel bucket list, it’s time to add it. Beautiful beaches await you with swaying palm trees, beautiful lagoons and coconut cocktails.

Tahiti Vacation Packages With Airfare

When tourists mention Tahiti, they probably mean one of the islands that make up French Polynesia. Technically, Tahiti is part of a group of islands known as the Society Islands – just one of the five islands that make up French Polynesia. Some of Tahiti’s best beaches are located in the Leeward Society Islands and islets, known for being uncrowded, unspoiled and ideal for sailing in mild trade winds. Among them are the islands of Hua Hin, Taha and the famous island of Bora Bora, with its beautiful lagoons nestled under the towering silhouette of mountains. Osmano.

Join us on a trip to these beautiful French Polynesian islands to discover the best beaches in Tahiti. Experience French Polynesia through the eyes of two of our charter guests.

Huahine Island is popular with those looking for stunning views and the authentic, slow rhythm of ancient Polynesia. With only 8 villages on the island and little tourism, residents are happy to share warm smiles and local secrets to make the most of your time. Fare Beach’s powdery white sand and mountainous jungle backdrop make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. There are no Tahiti beach bars, music or loud tourists – just the wind and the sea.

Perhaps best for adventurers, this tiny coral atoll is the smallest and most remote of the Commonwealth Islands – a peaceful tropical paradise. Tahiti’s best beaches are usually found on the motus or sandbars around the main island. Known as one of the most scenic spots, Motu Tiapaa is surrounded by floating lagoons, ideal for snorkeling and kitesurfing. Be sure to pack a lunch for this suburban plaza, as there are no restaurants.

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This wide, uninterrupted palm-lined beach offers stunning views across the lagoon to Tahiti. Be sure to bring your sandals – Temae’s beautiful beaches are made of coral, so look elsewhere for soft sand between your toes. Diving gear is also a bonus as a short dive into the water brings out crystal clear waters teeming with live tropical fish.

This secret little sandy beach may be the smallest on our list, but its remote location and wild backdrop will make you feel — much to your delight — lost in the sea. In the village of Fati on the southwest side of Taha’a, the locals can show you the way to the beach. Be sure to bring snorkeling gear and a water bottle!

Finding a less glamorous place in Bora Bora can be a challenge. But if it’s one of the best beaches in Tahiti you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Matila Beach. In fact, it is often called the most beautiful beach in the world! The soft white sand is covered with leaves and swaying palms, creating natural shade and gently sloping into the warm shallow sand pool. If you are inspired enough to enjoy the sunset, find delicious local food at the beach bar.

If the sights, smells and sounds of Tahiti’s beautiful beaches call to you, yacht charters allow you to hop on the best islands in French Polynesia. While most tourists opt for hotels and use crowded ferries to visit nearby islands, yacht charters are a life on board.

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