Best Beaches In Montauk

Best Beaches In Montauk – The popular little town on Long Island known collectively as “the Hamptons” is where hip Manhattanites head to celebrate life with a rose in one hand and a handbag in the other. designer But this holiday destination is known for its beaches at its best: glistening white sand and the most spectacular sunsets.

Among all the hamptons beaches Montauk Beach is the most popular with locals and visitors alike. Stretching up the South Fork Peninsula, the “far end” beaches range from rocky and secluded to glamorous and picturesque.

Best Beaches In Montauk

There’s a funny story about traffic in the Hamptons. Every conversation begins with a period of time going out to the east. And a small talk between the villages begins with the grumbling of “Traffic Terrible” What visitors may not realize is that there are a number of ways to travel Montauk without traffic jams.

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Hampton Jitney is a bus service that runs from various locations in the city to smaller towns. Everywhere on Long Island’s East Coast It takes about three hours to travel from Midtown Manhattan to Montauk. Fares start at $37 one way. If you book online in advance during the low season

You can upgrade to a more convenient Hampton Ambassador tour. which has snacks Complimentary Wi-Fi and gift bags from local brands. Prepaid internet rates start at $58. Bonus: You can bring your pet. (in hand luggage) can ride on both buses There is a $10 fee for each pet.

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) offers regular train service from Jitney to Montauk, which is less busy during peak season. There was a slight problem with the train. You must change at the Jamaica station. which may be crowded during the high season Online ticket prices start at $22.25 in low season.

Driving your own car is a great way to get to Montauk and explore the area. But you have to plan well. The best time to avoid traffic is the best time to drive, 6:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. if there are more than two people in your car. You can use the HOV lanes on the Long Island Freeway (LIE, also known as I-495 Interstate).

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Helicopters are the quickest option to get to Montauk’s beaches. The $395 Blade helicopter takes just 40 minutes eastward. The flight departs from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, about 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan.

Alternatively: Take a helicopter from West 30th Street to East Hampton and drive to Montauk from a nearby village. (about half an hour)

Private jets are another luxury travel option for visiting Montauk. Evo Jets offers charter flights from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Prices start at $5,000 per person. Plane (for 4-9 people) Travel time to East Hampton by private jet is approximately 28 minutes, plus a drive to Montauk.

No matter how successful you are and where you live. There’s a place for everyone on Montauk Beach at its best. You just have to decide what mood and special qualities you want.

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Please note that renting accommodation in Montauk for the weekend or not staying at a beachfront hotel will not receive a parking permit, which is required during high season. So you may need to walk, bike or Uber to the beach if it’s not near your accommodation.

This 500-foot long beach is rocky and windswept. This makes it an ideal place for surfing enthusiasts in every season. Experienced paddlers often come to Ditch Plains to enjoy the waves. while beginners practice rowing with local instructors

Although Ditch Plains Beach has a laid-back vibe But some amenities make it a little more convenient for visitors. In the summer there is a lifeguard on site. The great thing about Ditch Plains Beach is the access to public restrooms and outdoor showers.

Food and snack trucks can usually be found in the second and third car parks of Ditchfield Beach. Locals tend to use the first car park at parking time.

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Having a restaurant on site is very convenient. Especially if you plan to cycle or hike to this beautiful beach. Some nearby hotels offer residents daily parking passes. If you have a parking permit It’s not hard to find a place to park even during peak season.

Overlooking Fort Pond Bay, Navy Road Beach is another place to enjoy the views rather than sunbathe. In fact, swimming on this rocky beach is forbidden. Parking is only available for those with local parking permits.

Navy Road Beach, which is within walking distance of the village. It is a popular destination for launching kayaks and small boats. beach restaurant The beachfront welcomes sailors who anchor at Fort Pond Bay to enjoy Montauk’s favorite beachfront restaurant. Fun Fact: Newsday has included this location as one of the top five water-view restaurants in the East End.

Get ready to hit the rocky terrain on the beach at Navy Beach; It’s not a soft sand beach. Visitors note that the park overlooking the bay is clean and well maintained. The beautiful Montauk Beach is ideal for birdwatching due to its large number of birds.

The Montauk Beach House, Montauk

A popular tourist destination, the Gurney Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa stretches over 2,000 feet of private beach and is known for its perfect daybeds. Impressive cocktail menu and a vibrant nightlife.

While you can enjoy the hotel’s amenities – restaurants, bars and spas – as a non-resident, Relaxing on Gurney Beach is not an option. before the outbreak Tourists can use the day pass service, however, after the COVID ban. Day passes are no longer available.

Nowadays, if you want to enjoy one of the most popular beaches in Montauk. Be prepared to pay around $2,000 a day for a bed. This price gives you access to the 30,000-square-foot indoor seawater pool at Seawater Spa. The pool will reopen in April 2022 and will be the only pool in North America.

Who said a good beach day can’t be paired with a camping day? Enjoy these beautiful beaches in Heather Hills State Park and more here, one of Montauk’s most popular beaches. You can enjoy the best of summer activities in one perfect location, fishing, cycling, surfing and windsurfing. Watch the spectacular sunset in one place.

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Although there are no food trucks at Heather Hills State Park, you can bring snacks to the unique picnic area or just on the beach. There is also a seasonal snack bar for summer visitors.

The Montauk area is also famous for the Heather Hills Campground. You must make your reservations up to nine months in advance on the New York State Parks and Recreation website. This online resource offers virtual tours of the facility and a list of upcoming recreational programs for the summer. Some of the recreational activities offered at Heather Hills State Park include family movies. Children’s Summer Playhouse and environmental education programs.

In addition to beautiful beaches, Heather Hills State Park is also known for its nature trails. Enjoy the biodiversity of this beautiful place while walking or cycling in the park. And don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars, as Heather Hills Park is known for birdwatching.

If you are looking for a small Montauk beach. private Consider a secluded eating beach. Many tourists with children This local gem was chosen because it was easy to get to and the waters in that area of ​​Montauk were calm.

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Gin Beach is within walking distance of the popular Inlet Seafood Restaurant, which is a convenient lunch spot for visitors with children. during the warmer months You can see food trucks in the parking lot offering convenient snack options.

There is a stone bridge that is perfect for taking pictures on the quiet Jin Beach. It is also a special place for local fishermen to cast their nets.

Although there are no camping sites on this beach, But some come in RV cars. If you plan on traveling this way to the “end point,” remember that RV camping isn’t an option for most of Montauk’s beaches.

The Hamptons know South Edison Beach as “Nick Beach” due to its proximity to Nick’s Bar. Popular beachside restaurant and nightclub, Nick’s Bar is known for its light bites. beer or cork And the party never stops Attract young people in the east to have fun. Major Montauk attractions are closed during the pandemic. But locals still remember this popular spot as the epicenter of Montauk’s nightlife.

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South Edison Beach is within walking distance of downtown. There are many reasonably priced hotels and accommodations nearby. Plenty of parking

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