Best Beaches In Guernsey

Best Beaches In Guernsey – Golden sands, emerald seas and epic sunsets – beaches like Crete and Corfu are known for their dreamy vibes, but you don’t have to fly to a Greek island to enjoy this amazing indulgence. It is easy to forget that England has its beautiful beaches, the best of the island can be found on Guernsey, usually not many of the UK’s main beaches. Whatever your beach dream is, you’re sure to find it here.

With so many options to choose from, it is said that Guernsey residents go to Port Soif from time to time. The horseshoe-shaped white sand gives it a Mediterranean feel, and the ridges provide protection from the wind, making it perfect for long hours of sunbathing. When you need to cool down, there is a kiosk to stock up on iced water and many cold drinks.

Best Beaches In Guernsey

The famous French artist Renoir fell in love with Moulin Huet when he visited Guernsey in 1883 and painted the beach and its surroundings. It is not difficult to see why the quiet place, magical bay and turquoise water are very attractive, and you can follow the good man on a private tour, stop at the charming teahouse for a relaxing break.

Best Guernsey Breaks From £243pp As Island Plans To Lift Uk Travel Restrictions From July 1

These two bays, separated by rocky outcrops, are often considered one big beach. The crystal clear waters and long curved beaches make this place ideal for swimming and a beautiful place to visit. A great place to walk and admire, and if you want something more, there are many opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing and sailing.

Shell Beach, named for the millions of tiny shells that fill the sand, is located on tiny Herm Island. The beach is easily accessible by ferry from Guernsey, and you’ll be thankful you made the 20-minute walk when you feel the soft sand on your feet. It’s a really beautiful beach with incredible views.

Everyone in Guernsey knows Cobo Beach, and for good reason. Another great place to visit is the Greek island which has beautiful weather in summer. Best of all, after walking the sand and watching the ocean, you can return to the great restaurants, bars and bars across the street.

Tristan is a travel, lifestyle and music journalist. Although he seems to have spent most of his time in Spain and Scandinavia, his passion has taken him around the world. The belief that you can learn a lot on the spot by sitting at a bar for a few hours has worked well so far. Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands off the UK coast and has plenty to do and places to see. Here you can enjoy cultural tours and excursions, outdoor adventures, historical sites, beautiful beaches and activities designed to meet the best needs. For couples of a romantic nature, the island has many top attractions, including St. Pierre Park, old government building, and Bella Luce. For shopping, visit markets all over the island, including the Fresh Fry Market in St. Peter Port, the monthly market at Les Cotils Hotel, and the weekly farmer’s market at Sausmarez Manor.

Guernsey Break: Easy Travel To Island Of Wild Swimming Spots

About St. Peter’s Port, here you can enjoy historical sights every afternoon, such as the afternoon gun fired by the Cornet or a tour of Hauteville House, the former home of Victor Hugo. Family fun can be had at Pirate Bay Adventure Golf, and those who want to get back to nature will enjoy a walk at Bluebell Woods. The city has military museums, sights, cultural experiences and excellent restaurants.

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Off the beaten path with white sand, this beautiful spot is one of the island’s best kept secrets and we often swim at high tide. You won’t see many tourists here, because it is a real local place that is not very crowded even on weekends. Most visitors to Guernsey do it with a barbecue and stay until sunset. There is also a popular kiosk on the beach that sells a variety of sweets and pizza. If you come, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun because the beach is a sun trap.

Head to the west coast for white sand, sparkling seas and breathtaking sunsets. Cobo Bay, one of the beaches, is undoubtedly Guernsey’s liveliest. It attracts many young people who like the proximity of bars and the opportunity to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine while watching the sunset, as well as young families because of its wide and safe bay with many beaches moorings. . In the summer, the Cobo Bay Hotel plays on the high balcony overlooking the beach – a big one for some, but it can get loud and the beer is flowing.

Port Soif Bay, Guernsey, Channel Islands, British Islands Stock Photo

The bays on the southern coast are very different from their northern and western counterparts. They are located at the base of the cliff and can be reached after a short walk. Although the beautiful Fermain Bay is originally rocky, most of it consists of sand. However, you must descend Fermain Hill to enjoy some of the most beautiful rock formations on the island. The sea is always sparkling in the bay and many local boat owners use it as a starting point for afternoon relaxation, jumping over the water and swimming ashore for sweet tea at the prize Fermain Beach Cafe.

The horse-shaped, postcard beach is always there, and the locals gather here on weekends to enjoy family barbecues at night. At low tide, families can enjoy the variety of rock pools. Seafood Kiosk offers ice cream and hot food. Don’t worry about bringing buckets, knives and fishing nets, you can buy them all here. There can be strong currents across the ocean, so it’s best to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they don’t run too far.

If you are looking for a day out, Vase Bay is the place to go. It is home to Guernsey’s surfing fraternity and the thriving Guernsey Surf School ( offers private and family lessons, wetsuits, surfboards and bodyboard hire. The bay has the best waves of the year, so you will find many surfers and windsurfers in all weathers. But it is also a big piece of white sand and families in high and low. The recently renovated beach café sits on the bay and is packed with bikers on weekends because it’s the center of the island’s sandy beaches. Racing enthusiasts regularly gather throughout the season for the racing cars, trucks and motorcycles of the test season. If you’re looking for a beach holiday, check out the activities at

Spanning two bays, this is one of Guernsey’s longest stretches of beach and one of my favorite places in the world since I’ve been here! Powdery white sand and the clearest turquoise sea make this bay attractive to visitors and locals alike. There are beach cafes on both sides: one (The Beach Cafe) is a family bistro, the other (L’Ancresse Beach Kiosk) caters more to the budget and ice-seekers. Both are great places to sit back and relax with a coffee or beer in one of Guernsey’s most beautiful beaches. You may want to invest in a generator because you will need it some day! The coastal road takes you from here to the Port of Bordeaux and Sampson Bridge.

Shell Beach At Herm

This hidden sandbar is in the middle of Rocqua Bay, home of the Rocqua Regatta every year in August. A favorite of Guernsey, Portelet is a beautiful place with panoramic views of Fort Gray and Lihou Island. It is also a working fishing port, so I went down to see the workers bringing the sun catch to the port. The bay is backed by a pine forest and a 16-mile trailhead

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