Best Beaches In Byron Bay

Best Beaches In Byron Bay – With Byron’s beaches ever-changing, here are five places to visit if you want to throw down the towel on the best sand in Byron right now.

Byron Bay’s beaches are some of the best in Australia and attract thousands of tourists every year. Postcards (and dream vacations) are made of golden sands, turquoise waters and long stretches of the iconic lighthouse above the city.

Best Beaches In Byron Bay

Although you won’t find a bad beach in Byron, Mother Nature is always reshaping them. So to help you make the most of your hard-earned beach time, we’ve used our local knowledge to round up five of the best beaches in Byron Bay right now.

Surfing Byron Bay Beaches

You may notice some differences in this list of Byron’s best beaches compared to older guides. In December 2020, a king tide and storm surge hit Byron Bay, removing sand from the main beach and accelerating the erosion of coastal dunes.

The main beach is being repaired, but has not yet returned to its former glory. There are still rocks visible and the tide is much higher than before, so most of the sand is usually wet and not suitable for sitting on.

Now The Wreck Beach (next to the main beach towards Belongil) also gets high tide so it’s not good for sunbathing either.

Storm aside, the sand is constantly shifting and shifting the shoreline. Last summer Clark Beach was almost empty at high tide and there was a large slab of exposed reef that was great for snorkeling. Now the beach is bigger than ever and the reef is covered in sand!

Byron Bay Beaches — Habitat Byron Bay

So – moving clockwise around the town – let’s take a look at the current best beaches in Byron Bay.

Belongil Beach is slightly outside the city, so it is usually cooler than city beaches. There are several entrances to the sand, but the main one is near The Treehouse Restaurant.

A left turn from here takes you to the quietest part of the beach or a right turn takes you to Wreck Beach and town. This section is wide, a bit busy and can be good for surfing when the conditions are right.

Clarke Beach is about a ten minute drive from town and next to the main beach as you walk towards the lighthouse. As you enter the beach from the car park, turn right for a large stretch of sand and sometimes a pool perfect for paddling and swimming with children.

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At the moment the reef is completely covered in sand so Clarks isn’t as good for snorkelling, but it’s very easy to get your feet wet! This beach is also great for right wave surfing, with gentle waves ideal for transitioning from white water to green waves.

If you walk from the main beach towards the lighthouse, the pass is the last beach before you head inland. At the end of the beach you can walk up to the Fisherman’s Lookout for a fantastic view of the bay and around Waitegos on the other side.

The sand offers plenty of room to stretch out and the water near the mountain is great for paddling, but don’t go out as a surfer or you risk getting run over. The Pass is the last beach in Byron and a great spot for late evening sun viewing and sunset picnics – just watch out for the bush turkeys!

It is also known as one of the best point breaks in the world and its gentle waves make it a great place to learn to surf. However, the downside of such big waves is the crowds they attract. On any given day you’ll be competing with hundreds of other surfers for the best waves, so unless you’re a confident surfer, surfing lessons at a local school are the best way to go.

Best Things To Do In Byron Bay

Located just below the lighthouse, Wategos is a unique suburb of Byron and has a beautiful beach lined with pandanus trees and lined with dream houses. It is a popular spot for longboarders and is made even more special by the dolphins playing in the waves.

The tide is higher at Wategos now than it used to be, which may mean you don’t have much dry sand to play on, but one of the best beaches in Byron Bay is still home to public barbecues. On the beach in front of Raes, you’ll find picnic tables, a small grassy area for eating and the best view of any public barbecue in Byron.

Wategos Beach is sandwiched between two rocky outcrops, so the only way to get there is to hike or walk the hilly Cape Byron Boardwalk from The Pass. Parking is limited, but the advantage is that it also limits the number of people on the beach.

Around the headland from Waitegos beyond the lighthouse you will find the beautiful Tallow Beach – or Tallows as the locals call it. With big waves and Arakwal National Park as a backdrop, the sands are wilder, more open than city beaches.

Best Family Beaches In Byron Bay And Beyond

This is the only sheltered beach in Byron Bay when northerly winds blow. Head to Cozy Corner at the far end of the tallows, sheltered from Cape Byron’s winds. But be careful, you won’t be the only one and the parking lot will probably be packed!

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Best Surf Breaks And Beaches Byron Bay

In this article, we’ll present all the best beaches in Byron Bay (including those around town and some further afield) so you can start planning your next beach holiday.

The main beach is where everything happens in Byron Bay, as it is right in front of the town. It stretches from the car park at the end of Johnson Street to Clarks Beach in the east and Apex Park on the seafront in the west. Behind the sand is a grassy lawn where people come to socialize, picnic and play music with a very social, relaxed atmosphere.

Main Beach is a great place for swimming, with gentle waves and the Byron Bay Surf Club (Australia’s oldest) looking after you for peace of mind. Behind this Byron Bay beach are barbecues and toilets, as well as a children’s play area. When it’s time to eat, choose from international eateries on Johnson Street or dine on seafood at Fishheads. At the end of the day, be sure to join the locals for sunset at the iconic beach hotel.

Parking in the Main Beach parking lot is $4 per hour, with a four-hour parking limit enforced throughout the week between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Byron Bay Beaches

Just west of Main Beach is Belongil Beach, a 2.5 kilometer stretch of sand that is often quieter than its neighbour. It is a popular setting for long beach walks, especially with local dog owners, thanks to the open space between Manfred Street and the Main Beach car park. Although Belongil Beach is relatively safe for swimming, it is best to do so near the main beach as the water is patrolled.

One of Belongill Beach’s most famous features is the SS Wollongbar, a passenger steamer that ran into the surf here in 1921. It is now a great snorkeling spot, as well as a sheltered reef that attracts surfers when the conditions are right.

The nearest toilets to Belongil Beach are at Apex Park (near Byron Bay Surf Club), parking is available on the main beach ($4 per hour) or on Border, Don and Childe streets.

On the other side of Main Beach is Clarke Beach, one of the best beaches in Byron Bay for beginners to learn surfing. This north-facing strip of sand has relatively small, steady waves, as well as some rocky areas near the shore where you can snorkel and swim.

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Clarke Beach is only a 10 minute walk from the center of Byron Bay and its easy access is usually full of surfers from sunrise to sunset! To see all the action, take a bite

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