Best Bbl Surgeon In Colombia

Best Bbl Surgeon In Colombia – BBL is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, despite the increasing number of deaths from the procedure. What caused his incredible rise?

The search was simple: Melissa wanted the perfect apartment. In her mind, it looked like a plump, ripe fruit, like an emoji. She was already halfway there. In 2018, she underwent a Brazilian butt lift, known as a BBL, a surgical procedure in which fat is removed from different parts of the body and then injected back into the buttocks. Melissa’s butt is already rounder and fuller than ever, and she’s happy with the effect, how it feels and looks. But it could be better. It can always be better.

Best Bbl Surgeon In Colombia

Last afternoon, Melissa visited British aesthetic doctor Dr. Lucy Glancey for a consultation. Glancey first set up Melissa’s BBL in her clinic on the Essex-Suffolk border, in rooms with bright white cupboards, a full-length mirror and shelves filled with syringes. While waiting for Melissa to arrive, Glancey showed me a photo of Melissa on a beach in Dubai, wearing a palm print bikini and posing in a sort of erotic pose: arms, breasts, thighs and buttocks all tucked in. . “Look how good she is,” Glancey said, admiring Melissa and her work. “I told him I didn’t see anything else we could do.”

Best Brazilian Butt Lift ( Bbl ) Package In Cali, Colombia

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When Melissa walked into the room, she didn’t exactly look like her digital self, but then again, who did? She changed into a casual Dubai Suffolk outfit: blue jeans and a pink T-shirt. After a quick chat, Glancey—dark blue coat, coral nails—asks Melissa to take off her clothes. The doctor and the patient stand together in front of the mirror and look at each other.

Melissa said, pointing to the scar she’d seen on her right buttock, a blemish she’d seen on vacation.

Like anyone who examines their body, Melissa can see things that no one else can. She saw not only her current form in the mirror, but different versions: her old body, her desired body, her digital body. For many years, nearly a decade ago, when Cara Delevingne’s thigh-gap got her Twitter account, Melissa wanted to be as slim and smooth as everyone else. Then the fashion changed. Melissa, who is white and explains why she got her first BBL, says she wants to fill out a pair of jeans and attract the kind of men she likes. “I’m attracted to black men and mixed men, and they like curvy women,” she told me.

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The surgery, which can cost up to £8,000, also helps with her income. Most of the time Melissa works out at the gym, but she also makes money from the fashion side of Instagram. “If you look at the most interesting and the most popular, it’s always the girls in this style,” she said.

Melissa’s digital body, enhanced by the photo editing app Facetune, serves as a template for her future body of hers. She told me her friends sometimes change their pictures on dating apps to the point where they can’t meet someone because the version they’re advertising is so far from reality. “When you have a BBL, it’s like you’ve already changed your body in real life,” says Melissa, “so you don’t have to change your pictures.”

Ten years ago, Glancey rarely did BBL. Now, over the course of a week, she does two or three and gets about 30 requests. Since 2015, the number of buttock lifts worldwide has increased by 77.6%, according to a recent survey by the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. It is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world. When Glancey scrolls Instagram, she sees it everywhere: a beach ball model on the world’s most famous floor, a floor so sought after, modeled, paid for that it no longer looks like part of her body, but hers. her project, her project. The startup has become a major IPO. (She’s probably going to sue me.) BBL’s popularity, Glancey told me, has come down to one woman: “Her influence,” says Kim Kardashian West, “is really her body.”

Dr. Mark Mofid, BBL’s principal US surgeon, also mentioned the influence of Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, as well as many social media images that “really popularized the beauty of feminine curves.” But achieving such beauty can be dangerous. In 2017, Mofid published an article in Cosmetic Surgery magazine

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Which revealed that 3% of the 692 surgeons he interviewed experienced post-operative patient death. In total, one in 3,000 BBLs resulted in death, making it the most dangerous form of cosmetic surgery.

Left: Melissa Kerr, Abimbola Ajoke Bamgbos and Leah Cambridge, all of whom died from BBL surgery. Image: Miscellaneous

Over the past three years, three British women – Abimbola Ajoke Bamgbose, Leah Cambridge and Melissa Kerr – have died of complications at the BBL in Turkey, the most popular destination for UK patients seeking cheaper surgery. Elsewhere there were many others: Joselyn Cano of Colombia, Gia Romualdo-Rodriguez, Heather Meadows, Ranika Hall and Danea Plasencia of Miami. According to local reports, 15 women have died after BBL in South Florida alone in the past few years.

Melissa knew the risks. When she got her first BBL, in 2018, it was the week of Leah Cambridge’s death. That same year, the British Association for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery recommended that British surgeons perform the procedure in full. Not being a regulatory body, it could not enforce a ban, although some surgeons stopped voluntarily. However, Melissa felt much safer having surgery in the UK. She trusted Glancey after going through the process earlier: she knew what to expect. She would have to take a few weeks off to recover, but it would be worth it. Soon there will be no asymmetries, no, no flaws; She could do quite a low-key facelift. Modified body. perfection.

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While the fashion holds, the best butt is a tight globe, like a ball wrapped in leather. “Sticky-outy” is Glancey’s favorite term. Working with drama with perfect breasts, the perfect butt transforms the body into an S shape. “She’s a classic hourglass figure,” says Melissa. “This is what you get.”

Even the best floor is angled: 45 degrees from the base of the spine to the top of the buttock. In that sense, the perfect floor is actually the result of the right backbone, the natural type that arises from its base. According to an article by a group of psychologists published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior

In 2015, “lumbar curvature” appears to indicate a woman’s ability to have children, thus making her more attractive as a partner. As the authors succinctly state: “Men prefer women who show signs of a vertebral wedge level near their best.”

For those who don’t have the perfect spine level, there are options. In the 18th century you would have been torn apart in a corset; After a while, forest. Now you can buy padded panties or make the inserts at home. (When one of Glancey’s patients recently undressed at her clinic, two pieces of her gauze fell out of her pants.) You can have an implant or inject the filler. Or you can get a BBL that fills in two notes in one operation, remove the fat from the areas you don’t want and put it where you want. BBL, like Robin Hood, takes from the rich – a plump stomach – and gives it to the poor: a flat, bony stomach.

The Body Snatcher

BBL originated in Brazil, the birthplace of cosmetic surgery and the myth of the “long-eared” natural butt, the kind seen in countless tourist poster photos of bikini-clad women on Copacabana Beach. “In the international imagination, we think Brazilians are obsessed with butts,” said anthropologist Alvaro Jarrin, author of The Biopolitics of Beauty, which examines the culture of cosmetic surgery in Brazil. In fact, needless to say, not all Brazilian women have Brazilian butts. Plus, Jarrin added, every Brazilian woman wants butt anyway. While researching his book, he discovered that BBL’s popularity depended on the class and race of the women he spoke to. If rich and white, “they said, ‘I don’t want the body of a ‘mulatto’ [an often derogatory term meaning bisexual], I want the body of a European supermodel”.

The surgery itself was conducted by the Brazilian doctor Ivo Pitanguy. A country rich in plastic surgeons, Pitanguy was known as “Papa”. He developed a variety of methods and is credited with working from Frank Sinatra to Sophia Loren, providing complementary therapies to impoverished patients.

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