Best Banks In Amarillo Tx

Best Banks In Amarillo Tx – Familiar names and dozens of new babies are on the nation’s leaderboard. Find out who made the list and why these 60 banks keep their employees happy and engaged.

Pictured: James “Chip” Mahan, President and CEO, teaches the Oak Culture 101 course presented by Live Oak U.

Best Banks In Amarillo Tx

Initiatives like Live Oak U explain why this bank has been number 1 on the list of best places to work for three years.

Banks In Amarillo Tx

The bank, which focuses on lending to small businesses, launched a professional development program for employees and directors in 2013. Today, more than 20 courses are offered on topics such as management efficiency, lending and banking. More than 75% of Live Oak employees have attended at least one course.

“Live Oak Bank strives to be a teaching and learning organization,” said James “Chip” Mahan, its president and chief executive officer.

Live Oak offers courses at the nearby University of North Carolina at Wilmington, but Mahan teaches one of the most popular: Live Oak Culture 101, which provides an overview of the bank’s history, heritage, service life and values.

All courses are taught by an instructor in a classroom, but are often available online. Classes are free and open to most Live Oak employees. Although university credits can be earned for multiple courses, employees are not required to work toward a single degree.

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“The primary goal is to have access to a career of choice for all bank employees,” Mahan said.

Pictured: The LPGA Project’s annual golf outing with Brittani Linkic, also sponsored by HomeBanc and HomeBanc Personal and Mortgage Client.

HomeBank Chairman and CEO Jerry Campbell prefers not to say “Mr. Campbell” to be called. If an employee has a question at any level, say “Hey, Jerry.”

“All employees are referred to by name,” said Debra Hanses Novakoski, HomeBank executive vice president and board member. “Our phone book and internet directories are arranged alphabetically.

Happy State Bank

HomeBanc strives to make employees feel like family. Employees are also treated to a meal of their choice on their birthday. Whether it’s pizza, salad, sandwiches or another favorite dish, the food is delivered to the office and your colleagues celebrate with you.

“On my birthday, we had a breakfast of burritos, fruit and fries for the office at headquarters — about 25 people,” Novakoski said.

One of the most popular annual events is Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Sons, daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren eat breakfast together and listen to the monthly “Wish” hosted by Campbell…er, Jerry. This live conference call updates employees on company and industry news and provides a forum for employee questions and customer feedback via email.

Emily Drouin, who has been a credit quality controller for HomeBanc for 10 years, recently took her 9-year-old son, Stephen, to an afternoon event. After a morning conference call with 25 other kids, Stephen said he not only learned to rap, but also shared business ideas.

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“Banking is a lot more difficult and interesting than I thought it would be,” he said. “This is how I help people.”

Bell Bank, ranked No. 3 overall, was ranked No. 1 in the category of banks with assets between $3 billion and $10 billion.

Bell, which changed its name to Bell State Bank & Trust on Aug. 22, does a lot to keep its employees happy, and it seemed to be a big hit on May 6, the bank’s 50th anniversary. Each full-time and part-time employee received a one-time cash bonus of $2,500 and $1,000, respectively. To celebrate the event, Bell also gave away 50 massages and 50 50-inch televisions.

In addition to surprises on special occasions, employees like Joe Eckerland regularly receive support in the form of career development. “Bell invested in me by putting me through banking school in Dakota,” said Akerland, a branch manager who has worked at the bank for nine years. Akerland had recently become interested in commercial lending, and Bell responded by sending him to the University of Minnesota Center for Continuing Education’s Commercial Lending Academy.

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The result is that employees feel important because the bank shows it through meaningful actions, not words, said Steph Melgaard, vice president and manager of virtual banking services, who has been with Bell for two years.

“Happy Employees, Happy Customers” isn’t just a poster in the break room, it’s the foundation of our business. “

Popular with employees: Wow, Win and Spirit awards, which come with cash prizes at different levels, go to special employees throughout the year. Then, at the end of the year, there is a $1,000 prize drawing from the winner’s pool.

Stress-Reducing/Fun-Increasing Activities: A monthly party celebrates all employees who celebrate their birthdays that month.

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Non-profit initiative: FirstCapital makes an annual donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. The event, called “An Evening to Remember,” raised nearly $60,000 last year.

Pictured: Courtney Thomas, an entry-level employee at Benchmark Bank, has been promoted several times in recent years, including this year to controller.

In November 2013, Courtney Thomas wanted to move to Pittsburgh for her husband’s job, but felt conflicted because she was happy with her bank job in Plano, Texas.

He looked for the option to work remotely, and within a week Benchmark shipped all his computer equipment across the country so he could have a job in his new home, Thomas said. He calls monthly management meetings and travels to Texas about once a quarter for reviews, major revisions or budget meetings.

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“I’ve been working remotely for two and a half years now,” he said. “In such matters, the employer appreciates you.”

Thomas joined Benchmark in 2009 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in finance. He chose an internship program that allowed him to mentor employees in the bank’s mortgage and title companies.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she said. “I remember talking to a few of my friends in college who didn’t like their jobs very much.

But Thomas soon realized that he was a credit analyst. This led to many career ladders, such as: B. bank-funded degree from the Colorado College of Banking, a three-year virtual education program that includes two weeks each summer at the Boulder campus.

Amarillo National Bank, 3101 S Georgia St, Amarillo, Tx, Banks

“It was a great opportunity that helped me tremendously in my role at the bank,” said Thomas.

Before being promoted to controller this year, Thomas served as finance specialist, assistant vice president and vice president.

As he continues to grow at Benchmark, he plans to continue to apply his expertise. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people I spent time with,” Thomas said. “I didn’t want to know how to do certain tasks, I wanted to know why we were doing it.” I love to learn and do my best to pass that knowledge on to others, just like people do to me.”

Image: Like the day before Easter in Nashville, Pinnacle’s family practices include annual family picnics at each of its markets.

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Popular with employees: All employees, including permanent employees, receive restricted stock options upon hire and annually thereafter. This encourages them to act like owners in all aspects of their business.

Fitness/Wellness Program: An online portal that syncs with FitBit allows employees to track fitness goals and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, yoga mats and more.

Communication Tool/Practice: President and CEO Terry Turner holds regular “listening sessions” with employees at various levels and usually goes home with an action list.

Work to relieve stress/increase fun: During last year’s heat wave, when temperatures reached 108 degrees, Veritek rented a Kona ice cream truck to drive to all offices and hand out free ice cream treats to employees.

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Career Development/Training Program: Launched in 2014, the mentoring program provides interested branch managers with the training they need to advance their careers. To date, two branch managers have been promoted through participation in the program.

Bonus/Incentive Program: In celebration of the bank’s $1 billion milestone in September, Chairman, President and CEO C. Malcolm Holland visited each location and gave each employee a giant candy box with a $100 bonus.

Fitness/Wellness Program: Machias Savings offers a variety of exercise classes including yoga, aerobics and cardio kickboxing. Lessons are usually

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