Best Bait To Catch Fish In Lake

Best Bait To Catch Fish In Lake – Welcome to another thread created from two email questions. The first is a recurring question from emails he sends me and questions from presentations and walk down the hall time. The second type suits the topic at hand.

The first question is, “I’m getting into more serious bass fishing from the bank, what are the best hooks to start with?” Well, I have to prepare my note first!

Best Bait To Catch Fish In Lake

A very difficult question to answer. Many variables apply to any type of fishing. Lots of details to consider: water type, moving or still, water depth, cleanliness, obstructions, weed and cover options, food availability, seasonal conditions…you get the idea. It’s almost impossible to answer this question with a complete answer that fits every bass angler’s needs, but I’ll try to give you enough ideas to move you in a positive direction and get you kept hoping for bass from the bank. Over time and with repeated outings, you will learn the lures and techniques that will be successful on your water when chasing bass from the bank.

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This second question has to do with bait choices. I was asked this while walking down the hall. “If I somehow lost all my charms and had to replace them (I mean my own), would I replace all the charms I currently have?” The question seemed to take a very dark turn, mainly, how does this damage happen? After this angler friend described three dire scenarios where I would be “out of bait,” I happily dismissed his fixed bait choices: “No, I don’t replace all of my bait types and patterns.” I have to answer the first part of his question, dammit!

Honestly, I have a lot of bait and switch. If I had to replace them and start over, my collection would be much smaller. Time and experience have proven that few lures are necessary to find bass from the bank. Others, try as they might, in many cases did not achieve the successful results I had hoped for. They either retreated somehow or left for another time, which will probably never come. We have them all. That plastic bait container we can’t get rid of but will never grace the compartments of our tackle boxes.

With both questions in mind, the bait list I’m going to share is the basic list I build to cover my banking situations. Stick with just 10 lures to get things started. There isn’t enough time or space to go into strategies for each category, just some bait selection ideas to get anyone ready to bring some to the bank. Moreover, with the exception of the last two, these are not particularly important. Each bait has its own set of conditions when and where it often outperforms other bait options.

Perhaps the most popular lure for many years, the Rapala floating minnow probably inhabits almost every boat, whether it’s on shore or in a boat. There are other manufacturers, but my first choice is the Rapala F-11 size, and we’ll talk a little about color in a moment.

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Almost all hardware companies have a crankbait or a lipless bait. Sounds vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so trial and error will come into play to find the best sound and vibration for your particular water. As some manufacturers suggest, loud lures are not always the best choice.

Currently one of my favorite lures to throw depending on the season. Most of my fishing trips include a ready-to-use Whopper Plopper tied to a rod. Active Inshore Boss, Active Bank Boss This is a great find.

Each brand of popper has a unique noise and water break due to the many versions of this lure due to the different degrees of mouth angle and depth of concavity offered by different manufacturers. Unlike topwater prop baits, bursting topwaters allow you to stand on top of cover and catch fish.

In the same category as the popular spinnerbait. Most times when I throw a spinnerbait I like to use a spinner instead. Just a personal preference here, I prefer Chatterbait’s vibration and trailer options.

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This is another one. It is always with me in all seasons even in cold water. This type of bait is very popular and there is absolutely no bait choice. Although some lures differ in design, these paddle tail baits are very similar in swimming design. You can choose to attach a wheeled head or fitted swimwear. Both produce great catches, although I like to add loose bodies to a variety of hook rigs.

They are an excellent choice for bench farmers who work with brush and open pockets near the bench. Bass wait for frogs to jump over the edge in the water. These lures will put you in front of the bass dinner table. These frogs are weeds, another plus for bank anglers.

These last three are actually my favorites. I basically use them in every season and water temperature.

This option includes many plastic body models, but it is basically a large piece of plastic. Whether it looks like a crankbait or a big bottom dweller, these lures attract big fish. I fish these lures on heavy rigs, usually heavy reel style.

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From subsurface to medium depth, these can be a workhorse for bank anglers trying to find active fish. These search baits are better suited for bank anglers than deep divers that are caught in the weeds found near the shoreline that bank bass call home. I like center mounts, not too small, not too big. Manufacturers vary in size, but lures from 3/8 to ½ ounce and 3 inches long are the most popular in my opinion. If you are familiar with Strike King Squarebills, these are the 1.5 series fixtures.

Yes, I know it’s two baits, but I use them all season long. Both have a refined approach and I always work side by side. I’ll get back to this technique in a bit, but these come with me every time I go bass fishing from snow to first frost, regardless of water temperature.

Trust me, there are plenty of other lures out there, I get it, but a bank angler needs to use lures that allow the ground to work to its full potential on the swim. For example, deep-water crankbaits are great tools for finding bass in deep water, but in most areas a 16- to 20-foot-deep bait bench will cause bass to twitch and lose time. worth trying to remove the hanging baits. It’s not worth the trouble.

Another quick thought on color choices. Usually the color options are overwhelming. They shouldn’t be. For your problems, put swatches in natural colors. I know that crankbaits come in about 60 shades and patterns. Go for natural/silver, multi-colored blue/green and blue and yellow. Don’t overcomplicate your color choices or feel like you have to have every color pattern. For soft plastics: pools, again, match your topwater bait to the color of your swim. Senkos and Finesse Worms: Black or dark green always produce.

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Now, I know that couch bass have favorite baits that I have left behind. I am happy to answer my emails or comments in the corridors that make sense to me. I hope these options will help a beginning bassist get a basic sense of direction in choosing some new lures.

A passion for fishing brings Dan Brozowski to the water’s edge almost every chance he gets. Passion cannot be measured, weighed or registered, it can be shared. He writes like this and he does it when he is in the water.

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A passion for fishing brings Dan Brozowski to the water’s edge almost every chance he gets. Passion cannot be measured, weighed or registered, it can be shared. He writes like this and he does it when he is in the water. If you have any questions or comments about Dan, please contact him at: [email protected]Which Liras hold the most records? The Lure Love Podcast breaks down the numbers put up by international game fish

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