Best Baguette In Dc

Best Baguette In Dc – You’ll find a bakery on nearly every corner of Washington, D.C., perfect for a weary tourist or subway commuter looking for a quick bite to eat on the way to the office. Luckily, if you’re looking for the best bakeries in DC, you don’t have to look far to find one that will blow your mind.

Our guide to the best bakeries in DC will show you where to find the perfect morning pastry or afternoon treat to share with your girlfriends. We’ve rounded up the best bakeries in DC that offer a wide variety of food and baked goods. This is definitely the guide you will want to work or eat!

Best Baguette In Dc

Elle is a cute little gem in the very trendy neighborhood of Mt. Delightful and one of the best bakeries in DC. One of my favorite places to visit in Elle is the 80-year-old Hellers bakery, which still has only the letters “elle” carved into the building. This bakery and cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the baked goods keep people coming from far and wide. Elle rotates most of their offerings daily, but they still have a few daily staples that we love. They always offer seasonal honey goat cheese pies like Blueberry with Ginger Crumb. Their guava pastry is one of the most unique and delicious pastries you’ll ever try, and you can’t visit Elle without ordering it. Always sell out fast so get there early. We also love Ellen’s fresh breads, cereals and baked goods, served on charming antique china. It gets really busy on the weekends, but if you’re just visiting for donuts or dessert, you can order right at the counter to avoid having to fight for a seat (but that’s how we feel). You might want to stay a while).

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For years, Tatte Bakery and Café was something you could only visit on a trip to Boston, but Tatte was fortunate to have decided to expand to DC with three locations: Dupont, West End, and Bethesda. Their cakes, tarts and pastries taste as good as they look. And the atmosphere in their cafe is bright and inviting. Whether you need to order cakes, pies or a whole cake, this place is very extensive and has cakes, pies and beautifully wrapped gifts for any foodie in your life. The earlier you get there, the better the dessert options. We love a gorgeous pear tart, chocolate or cinnamon roses, or chocolate snails (made with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate chips in a crispy pastry). Their individual bowls, pavlovas and meringues are excellent. But our favorite dessert is the passionfruit crembo, a small curd cake dipped in passionfruit chocolate with a vanilla duck (it looks like the top of a soft-serve ice cream cone). For us, the crembo alone makes Tatte one of the best pastries in DC!

If you’re a fan of the popular DC chain Ted’s Bulletin (our local spot where friends come to visit DC), you’ll be delighted to announce their first special cookie sale. Located in Arlington in Ballston, right across from DC, Sidekick joins the latest Ted’s Bulletin and earns an impressive reputation as one of DC’s best bakeries. Of course, they have the homemade cakes that make Ted’s famous – our favorite is the strawberry and brown sugar. Their Cinnamon Toast Crunch Banana Bread is also unique and delicious. We offer delicious and delicious croissants in huge, fun and creative flavors from Sidekick. Their seasonal offering is filled with cranberry and orange tarts, topped with a sweet pink custard for the perfect balance. Don’t forget to try their favorite salted chocolate chip cookies. If you already know and love Ted’s Cakes, these DC bakeries are for you!

Mah-Ze-Dahr is a very popular New York City bakery, founded by James Beard, and now one of the best in DC with two locations, one in Navy Yard and one in Arlington. If you go, expect to spend quite a bit because you’ll want to try them all. Start with what we love about the Cherry Box, full of Michigan cherries, and their amazing pastry case. A close second is a brioche donut topped with a delicious vanilla pastry cream (they even have donuts on top). Mah-Ze-Dahr is famous for its cheesecake with a dark cookie crust. Plus, their selection is always full of a variety of cookies, brownies, cookies, and croissants. If you need a small gift for someone, there is a wide variety of food in stylish packaging. If you go, go early – by late morning they sell their most popular items.

For years, D.C.’s iconic Bluebird Bakery only distributed its pastries to local restaurants and cafes. But in 2018, owners Camila Arango and Tom Welling opened a cafe called Pluma by Bluebird in NoMa’s Union Market, serving delicious pastries and baked goods. The cafe is bright and cheerful, with blue floor tiles ordered from Colombia, where Camila lives. Bakery favorites include chocolate pistachio croissants, orange peel and cardamom sugar breakfast bread, and sea salt chocolate rye cookies. If you’re there in the morning, you won’t regret getting the coconut yogurt with homemade granola to go with your pastries.

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Un Je Ne Sais Quoi (pronounced uh-juh-nuh-say-qwa) has the best pastries and cakes of all the bakeries in our guide. You’ll fall in love the moment you see their spectacular performance, which can easily compete with those in Belgium or Paris. They have many baked goods, but they are best known for their Merveilleux (french for beautiful and bold mair-vay-yuh). This “miracle” dessert is very light and airy, meringue, whipped and then covered with chocolate chips. They offer Merveilleux in dark chocolate, brown and white chocolate, and our favorite, Speculoos. There are other delicious pastries at Un Je Ne Sais Quoi, but trust us when we say we’ll be ordering the Merveilleux.

The new baguette will be the closest thing to an authentic French cafe in DC. This is a great place to have lunch and then try all the pastries. Their ham and cheese baguettes will transport you straight to the cobblestone streets of Paris. Their desserts and pastries are amazing, but they taste better than they look. Their Berryline Croissant with Strawberry Cream and Baked Breton Sable Biscuits are special and delicious! Their Nutella croissant donuts are unreal and melt in your mouth. We always eat and drink their apple cider. But as the name suggests, the real showstoppers of this little deli are the French baguettes, baked fresh every two hours, just like the ones in the City of Lights. Both original locations are in Maryland, but we really like the one in Georgetown.

Seilou Bakery is definitely the most unique and underrated bakery in our guide to the best bakeries in DC. From the moment you walk into this bright and beautiful bakery, you know these guys are serious about things. They have bags of organic grain, a huge mill where they mill all their flour, and an amazing oven imported from Spain that fills the air with the divine smell of freshly baked bread. Everything is good at Seylou, but you can’t come here without trying their 100% wheat chocolate croissant. O. This. THIS IS IT. Good. You should also order their Grape Pain Aux, which is very rich and delicious, full of tea-soaked raisins. If you’re visiting on a weekend, get there early – their customer favorites sell out quickly. Don’t forget to take a slice of freshly baked bread with you for lunch – we love their Pain Au Levain.

Now that Levain Bakery is coming to DC, there’s no reason to go to New York (just kidding, of course). The iconic New York bakery has drawn a lot of attention since its opening day, becoming one of DC’s top bakeries with locations in Georgetown and Bethesda. Levine is best known for its large decadent cookies, but it also has many other essential baked goods. Their butter and jam baguette is delicious and one of my favorite breakfast items (it usually sells out fast, so get it early). Their variety of pastries, chocolates, muffins and sticky buns are a must

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