Best B&b In Kingston Ontario

Best B&b In Kingston Ontario – Looking for a quality Ontario bed and breakfast? You are at the right place! Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or exploring parts of Ontario, this bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay.

Bed and breakfasts are available in popular locations across the province, including Niagara-on-the-Lake, Collingwood and the Toronto neighborhood.

Best B&b In Kingston Ontario

Based on experience, we stay in different hotels when we travel, but we prefer bed and breakfast. We love it because it’s functional: you get a bed in the comfort of your own home and a fresh breakfast! When we’re on the road, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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However, bed and breakfasts (especially in Ontario) are more than just a place to sleep. Typically, managers are very passionate people who love their jobs, love their field and are very knowledgeable.

It was also great to support local businesses in the smaller Ontario towns we visited. Either way, we all love a good B&B, so here are some of our favourites. We will keep adding to this list as more are discovered!

**Disclaimer: We paid for the lodging we stayed in and need not be included in this article.

If you’re looking for an older Victorian home with lots of character, check out A Moment in Time B&B.

St. George’s Lodge, Kingston Upon Thames

Located in Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side), this B&B is one of those places where you just can’t be sure. However, we can confirm – it exists. We sat in the car for the first time and just laughed at how cool it was.

Moment in Time is where we stayed when we were in Niagara Falls and we had a blast! We mentioned A Moment in Time B&B in our guide to where to stay in Niagara Falls, but we’ll dig into the details here.

We love this story because we have a quiet place to come back to and sleep. The house is filled with old photos and furniture – like a time capsule.

The host is also very nice. We needed to do a wine tasting tour and they arranged for us to pick up our keys later which was great.

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Parking is easy as there are plenty of spaces available, but if they are full you can park elsewhere (on the other side of the road).

This car is very safe. We had a good night’s sleep, the place was clean and we loved the breakfast room at the back, great french toast breakfast and more.

We had a good overall experience and would stay here again. The hotel is beautiful, the location is great (as the area around the falls is busy) and everything works!

If you visit Niagara Falls, be sure to visit the famous wine region of Niagara-on-the-Lake! There’s so much to do, we’ll end with a fun tour of Niagara-on-the-Lake which we highly recommend!

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If peace and quiet is what you want, look no further than the Serenity Ranch Bed and Breakfast. This bed and breakfast is located in Ancaster, just a short drive from the country town center of Hamilton. However, that’s what makes it so good.

We stopped at Serenity to view the falls on our way to Hamilton and it was perfect. The name speaks for itself – very quiet and calm. Surrounded by trees, flowers, nature and fields, it’s the perfect place to relax and get back to work.

We must thank the hosts – Shane and Alan – for such a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere.

Shane goes above and beyond to make you feel right at home at Serenity. This will make you feel like a new friend. Our room was new but comfortable with a large bed and a nice bathroom.

Bed & Breakfasts In Kingston From C$ 111/night

Breakfast was great – Eric hadn’t eaten flowers until Serenity Ranch – lots of places to relax on the back porch. The floor is loaded with small living spaces so you can choose your space.

Shane introduced us to his loyal customer base and we understand that very well. The house is simple, but very cozy. Their desks are filled with tourist information about the area, all at their fingertips.

In short, it is highly recommended to stay. Shane and Alan have created a “home away from home” that we really love. We had time to relax on the back porch and soak up the midday sun. it’s great.

Despite the name, the Montrose Inn is here to stay as it’s a true bed and breakfast from start to finish.

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Located in Belleville, across the water from Prince Edward County, Montrose is also one of the most livable places in Ontario. We mentioned this place in our excellent guide on accommodation in Prince Edward County.

This historic mansion is located on a large green lot off the road, right by the water.

When you get there, you seem to have taken a step backwards. The hosts – Suzette and Roger – are very friendly. We did most of the work with Roger, but everyone we met was amazing.

Our room was a classic room with an antique bed and a door to the porch. The bathroom is private (for us) but across the hall and is very nice.

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From the fittings around the house to the old photos on the walls and the hospitality, Montrose is stunning. The room has a portion of a large balcony with outdoor furniture and curtains to keep your space private.

We had breakfast on the downstairs porch and it was freshly made when we came down. Cognac cupcakes are always hot and a great way to start the day. When traveling by car, you may be happy to know that parking is convenient and readily available.

Overall, we recommend the stay for the breakfast, beautiful garden, greenery and location.

We love getting there quickly from Prince Edward County without having to cover the cost of living in the county during the summer. (We saved it at the last minute).

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As with other places on this list, sitting on our balcony section in the early evening was very important!

If you’re going to Prince Edward County, there are plenty of things to do there. You can immerse yourself in history, visit parks and beaches, and more. Of course, you can also visit some great wineries and amazing breweries!

That concludes our rundown of our favorite B&Bs in Ontario! Of course, this is just a short list, as there are many more to discover.

We’ll update this post over time, but we wanted to post an article to help other Ontario travelers find great B&Bs!

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Hi Eric and Lisa – Canadian and German from Ontario! After spending time together in Ontario, we knew there was so much more to see in this beautiful Canadian province!

At Ontario Away, we’re local contributors covering everything from cities and excursions to wineries, attractions, lodging and more.

You can also find us on social media if you want to join the conversation and get more tips! We know Kingston has a rich history, but have we considered rebuilding? Preserving and restoring our iconic sandcastle isn’t easy – just ask Sean Billing, whose team has been renovating the 174-year-old Club Frontenac since December 2018.

From exposed stonework and fountains to plans for a bar and roof terrace, read on to find out what’s coming to the mansion.

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SB: We are transitioning from a traditional B&B to a boutique hotel. Increase the number of rooms from 16 to 20 without changing the floor area. We built bars, lounges, licensed bars and rooftop bars. We look forward to welcoming visitors and the Kingston community to experience these treasures.

The main goal is to renovate the lake and make it more modern. We strive to strike a balance between preserving the style and ambiance of the past while incorporating the modern comforts our guests expect.

SB: We found something interesting! The building has been restored several times throughout its 174-year history. We found old coins, newspapers, magazines and beautiful gemstones unearthed – we even found a script written by a Queen’s University professor!

When it comes to bodybuilding and how the clubs have been used over the years, we

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