Best Area To Stay In Verona Italy

Best Area To Stay In Verona Italy – Verona is a romantic city without the story of Romeo and Juliet, and the perfect base for visiting Veneto and the Italian seas. Stroll the main streets and squares, but first decide where to stay in Verona.

Due to its size and low crime rate, the best places to stay in Verona depend a lot on being close to attractions and experiencing the surrounding history.

Best Area To Stay In Verona Italy

The downside is that other people want to experience it too, so you can choose a place that is free of tourists, quiet and crowded. There are campgrounds in the county.

Top 6 Areas Where To Stay In Verona, Italy + Hotel Guide

Città Antica dates back to ancient times and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally an important Roman settlement, it still has more remains than anywhere else in northern Italy. It has evolved over the centuries and is as good today as ever.

The most famous place is the ancient Amphitheater or Arena. The summer opera festival is fun, with plays and rock music in the summer months before we move to the theater in the winter.

At Christmas, the stadium presents more than four hundred boxes of international shows with music and light shows. The Christmas market on this land celebrates the national holiday of Santa Lucia (Lucy means light) at the end of the solstice.

Piazza dell’Erbe was the city’s square in Roman times and still has a lively atmosphere as a meeting place with bars, restaurants and a souvenir market (closed on Sundays).

Days In Verona: The Perfect Verona Itinerary

The Baroque Palazzo Maffei (now for sale) and the Arco della Costa are on the side. The area of ​​the Jews and the rest of the Ghetto is from the square, with tall buildings and synagogues.

The nearby Piazza dei Signore is known as the salon of Verona, and it’s easy to see why. The Renaissance palace and loggia overlook the statue of Dante, the poet who lived here after fleeing Florence.

Underneath the Palazzo del Capitano are Roman and archaeological remains, visible through the large windows surrounding the palace courtyard.

The 12th-century cathedral, or Duomo, is famous in Italy for its beautiful frescoes and trompe l’œil architecture.

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However, it is the most important church in Verona, the Gothic Basilica di Sant’Anastasia. It also has sculptures, and some great ones including a 1495 painting by Paolo Veronese’s father and a watercolor of hunting.

Of course, Verona has many churches, and Holy Week is always popular with locals and tourists alike.

Verona, of course, was the location of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the evil lovers of the Capulet and Montague families.

Casa di Giulietta in Via Cappello is not the home of the Capulet family, but it has attracted lovers and other visitors who come to admire the portrait of Juliet, take pictures under the balcony and leave romantic notes on the wall.

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For loved ones who cannot walk, there is Club Juliet. Fans from all over the world write letters to the group, and according to an old tradition, volunteers answer every letter sent to the tragic hero.

What better place for Valentine’s Day than Verona? Piazza dei Signori hosts free music on the theme of love, where “Verona in Love” is celebrated by lighting red lanterns in the heart and displaying love notes on the streets of the city.

At the top of the eighty-four meter Torre dei Lamberti, there is a wonderful view of the city and the mountains, but be warned that the climb is two-thirds of the way up.

Built between the 13th and 15th centuries, it has a tower of four bells and two bells, and still retains its original name. Maranona called the town council and Rengo blamed the accident.

Best Things To Do In Verona, Italy In One Day

Castelvecchio’s canals were built in the 1350s, but between the Napoleonic bombings and World War II they suffered a lot of damage.

After the post-war reconstruction, the architect Carlo Scarpa added a bridge and expanded the interior, which is a museum with 14th century glass, 15th century paintings, paintings and decoration, Flemish, Veronese and Venetian paintings.

Every year in September, the historic center hosts an event to revive and celebrate the traditional festival. In the local language, “it’s your turn”, Tocatì teaches competitors, children and adults, how to use ropes, high sheets, etc.

Every year, different countries are invited as the international theme, and music concerts, exhibitions and other events are organized. Carnevale (carnival) is held every year in February and March, with local events, parades and balls.

Where To Stay In Verona (best Areas + Hotels 2022)

If you are staying in Verona in the beautiful Città Antica area, the cost of accommodation will be high, but there are good hotels and you will have a good view.

In the northwest of the city, where the city walls meet the Roman and ancient monuments, the Citadella is a historic district with museums and Roman ruins.

It means Citadel in English and is named so because of the defensive fortress that was built in the 14th century and is now near Piazza Citadella.

Bars and restaurants in the beautiful squares and streets offer Chinese and Indian cuisine, while competing with traditional Italian cuisine.

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Next to the Porta Palio is the 15th century Porta Nuova, its main monument is the Romanesque Church of San Zeno Maggiore.

Built in memory of the patron saint of Verona, the stone and brick are filled with sculptures from the 1200s to the 1500s, and the altar, which was carefully restored in 1457, is a good study of the ideas of Mantegna and his predecessors.

12th-century bronze door figures depict exorcisms, while carvings under the altar depict images, and the exposed sarcophagus contains a white body. Legend has it that Juliet married Romeo out of curiosity.

The Benedictine monastery next to the church is dedicated to the church of San Zeno, but on Sundays make time to visit the main market in Piazza San Zeno.

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Follow Shakespeare’s path to the Museo degli Affreschi, the religious section of San Francesco al Corso. It is said to be the burial place of Romeo and Juliet, but what is best known is the beauty of the ancient statues and sculptures here. His temple is also worth visiting.

The Teatro Romano e Museo Archeologico is located at the top of the hill and dates back to the 1st century BC. An ancient convent has been built behind the convent, where Greek and Roman artifacts are kept.

The building hosts a summer festival of drama, jazz and dance by Shakespeare, Goldoni and others in a spectacular setting.

If you choose the Cittadella as your base for your stay in Verona, the prices here and around San Zeno are very low and there are good guesthouses and apartments.

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Borgo Trento is across the Adige River from Citta Antica. Green and residential, it’s a great place to find local produce from small vendors, bakeries, independent shops and local restaurants.

Simply put, a borgo is an old Italian village that has stayed true to its roots, and Borgo Trento has that feeling.

Verona’s ancient arsenal, Arsenale Franz Josef I, is located here, now a peaceful park with a museum and an area often used for markets and entertainment.

Weep at the Santuario della Madonna di Lourdes – it’s worth considering. Relax in the greenery of Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

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Its fountain was built in the 1960s for the 100th anniversary of Italy’s unification, and in 2016 it was named Fontana del Centenario.

Accommodation in Borgo Trento is not as cheap as you might think, but there are plenty of rooms and apartments in Verona if you want to stay in a more spacious accommodation.

It is located on the east bank of the river, and is a university area, so it is busy with schools. With a great bar, self-service restaurant and student-friendly prices, it will suit everyone’s budget and will appeal to backpackers.

Go to Via Venti Settembre for a pleasant atmosphere. Festival-goers can enjoy concerts and stops at the Veronetta Summer Fest in Parco Santa Toscana during the summer, except for August.

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It also has historic buildings, such as the 15th century Palazzo Pompeii, which now houses the Natural History Museum. Culture lovers can enjoy evening music at the Roman Theater in the ancient building of San Girolamo.

The hill of San Pietro di Veronetta, originally called Veronette (Little Verona) by Napoleon, was the first settlement before the Romans who founded the city of Verona.

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