Best Area To Stay In La Paz

Best Area To Stay In La Paz – La Paz is the highest capital in South America and has a unique position between the Andes Mountains. This particular group was a whole new world for me. I really like the contrast in the structure, as well as the behavior and appearance of the people. Although I have to admit, I didn’t really like the city of La Paz on my first day. However, its diversity attracted me to colorful historic buildings, unspoiled raw brick buildings, modern buildings with mirror glass and a new network of cable cars. Not only La Paz, but also its surroundings offer special entertainment. Read on to find out the best places to visit in La Paz, Bolivia.

Bolivia has many bus companies, although I haven’t read good things about them. Many companies do not have heating, bathrooms on board and are not safe.

Best Area To Stay In La Paz

However, Todo Turismo is an exception. Their bus is modern, offering cama seats ($45 + tax) and semi-cama seats ($37 + tax). They provide Wi-Fi, cabins, bathrooms on board, friendly English-speaking staff, oxygen bottles, snacks and drinks, comforters, blankets and pillows.

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You can buy the ticket online at the Todo Turismo website. In that case, you must come to their office 24 hours before departure for check-in.

Luckily, Kanoo Tours offers a better option if you can’t be there the day before your trip. Don’t forget to book your ticket 2-3 days in advance so that you have enough time to confirm your purchase. You will receive an e-ticket by email, which will give you everything you need to know about departure.

This is how we booked our flights and traveled from Uyuni to La Paz after our trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats. In Uyuni, we spent the afternoon in a restaurant. After getting wasted, we went to the Todo Turismo office (located on Av. Cabrera), where we had to leave soon. The office has Wi-Fi, installation options, coffee, tea, bathroom, comfortable seating and everything you need while you wait…

The road between Uyuni and La Paz is 569 kilometers. Todo Turismo only night bus between Uyuni and La Paz departs daily at 8pm. The trip takes about 10 hours. Depending on the road conditions, we woke up many times during the night due to the roughness of the road.

La Paz And Its Region

You can also go to La Paz by train. Although not directly from Uyuni. First you have to take a train to Oruro, and from there there are daily buses to La Paz.

El Alto International Airport in La Paz is the highest international airport in the world with an altitude of 4061 meters. Larger planes require special tires and longer runways.

The distance between El Alto Airport and the center of La Paz is about 20 kilometers, and the trip takes about 30 minutes.

The easiest way is to take a taxi which should cost 50-60 BOB. Always check the price with the driver to avoid misunderstandings and additional costs.

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The cheapest is the Cotrastur 212 minibus, which runs between the airport and Plaza Isabel de Católica every 5 minutes from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. The price of the ride is about 5 BOB, although the small buses can fill up quickly with people and luggage.

We only used taxis twice during our stay in La Paz. First when we arrived at the bus center and wanted to go to our hostel. The bus station was full of taxis, although we tried to catch a taxi in El Alto, we hardly saw a real taxi.

La Paz is full of these little buses that don’t have special places. That’s why you just wave your hand to stop the bus. Before leaving, say the street name out loud, for example “Sagarnaga, por favor” and pay after leaving.

The Mi Teleférico operates at an altitude of 4,000 meters in La Paz, making it the highest and longest cable car in the world.

La Paz Bolivia: The Highest Capital City In The World

1. 3 lines (red, yellow and green – the colors of the Bolivian flag) were completed in 2014. They were built as public transport to facilitate daily travel between La Paz and El Alto. Air pollution, travel time and costs are also reduced due to the cable car network, which is powered by electricity, partly by solar energy.

Currently, its 10 lines are used by locals and tourists. The cable car network operates from 5 am to 10 pm. 8 people can fit in one house, which offers a BEAUTIFUL PANORAMA OF THE CITY AND SURROUNDING MOUNTAINS. It costs BOB 3 to travel on the same line, although you do not need to buy a separate ticket on each flight. When you check out, just tell them your destination and they will calculate the price for you.

We tried the Mi Teleférico on the way back from Valle de La Luna (see later) and got off the bus at the wrong place. It was just a misunderstanding because that way we could get more lines on the way to the main station (Estación Central). First we traveled once on the purple line from Edificio Correos to Faro Murillo, then one stop on the gray line at 16 de Julio do El Alto. Finally, two stops on the red line at Estación Central.

The view from the room was great. The uniqueness of La Paz was very interesting. From above we can see many buildings as well as colorful pictures of Chuallum and the famous cemetery.

La Paz, Bolivia

During our 2 days in La Paz, we found only the important things. If you plan to stay for a few days in La Paz and its surroundings, keep reading for recommendations.

We arrived early (6:30am) at the bus stop in La Paz from Uyuni and took a taxi to La Posada de la Abuela Obdulia hostel. The time of arrival was just after 14:00, but we were lucky and were able to get a free room. After a few hours of sleep, shower and a late breakfast, we go to explore the center of La Paz. The hostel was centrally located so that tourists could walk far.

On the map below (My Maps from Google Maps) you can see the main sights in and around La Paz, restaurants and the schedule for our 2 days.

Click the icon next to “Best places to visit in La Paz, Bolivia” to see the facts, and they can be deleted and moved. Also, you can save this map (if you have a My Maps account) by clicking the star next to the map name.

Hotels In La Paz From $7

The center of La Paz and the entire city are located between mountains at an altitude of 3640 meters above sea level, so be prepared for the altitude and go slowly.

The witch market was only a few minutes away from the hostel, so we headed there. The street where women sell colorful products, dried llama fruit, water and dried goods.

On the way to Calle Jaén, we passed the Basilica of San Francisco, which is located in one of the main squares called Plaza Mayor de San Francisco. Calle Jaén is a large street with historical landmarks, restaurants, museums and shops.

Then we went to Plaza Murillo, one of the main squares of La Paz, where the church and the presidential palace are located. We didn’t spend much time there because there were a lot of pigeons.

The Coolest Neighborhoods In La Paz, Bolivia

We wanted to try the famous Bolivian street food salteñas, so we thought Mercado Lanza was the perfect food market. I didn’t have high expectations from the market, but when we got there, I didn’t want to eat anything, just to leave the market. Many kiosks were closed, the smell was not good and it did not look very clean. Maybe I’m too white…

Then we went back to the hostel to rest because we were getting tired and my friend was a bit sore.

There is also a coca museum in the center of town, although it was already closed when we got there.

Cementerio General is a cemetery in La Paz, which with its wide area is also a tourist attraction. It is located a bit far from the center, although it is easily accessible by the cable car network.

La Paz, Bolivia Guide: What To See Plus The Best Bars, Restaurants And Hotels

La Paz has many spectacular landscapes thanks to its unique location in the mountains. The most famous is Mirador Killi Killi or Mirador Tupac Katari.

The town of El Alto is near La Paz. They are almost built together and are separated only by slopes. Its maximum height is 4150 meters and it can be reached by the Mi Teleférico. El Alto is not the safest town, especially avoid walking at night.

The dramatic rock formations of Valle de la Luna are located on the outskirts of La Paz. These claystones and sandstones were formed over thousands of years by wind and rain. The sharp, long images reminded me of upside-down stalactites.

The area has two walking paths around it, one is shorter and takes 15 minutes.

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