Best Area To Stay In Helsinki Finland

Best Area To Stay In Helsinki Finland – I do not want to advance But I am very sure that despite being very small compared to other European cities, Helsinki (capital of Finland) is one of the coolest cities ever! There are many activities to do. amazing accommodation And I love the nightlife here! Helsinki is also known as the “Daughter of the Baltic Sea” or the “White City of the North” because of its white buildings. Helsinki will give you the opportunity to experience the way of life in the north.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering where to stay in Helsinki. Where is the best place to live? What are the top budget accommodations and restaurants to go to first? Don’t worry, I have so many options that when you finish reading this article, you will have 0 questions. I have searched hundreds of hotels to find out that You are the best in every price range and only recommend the top hotels that I will choose myself!

Best Area To Stay In Helsinki Finland

Make sure you book your hotel in advance as this hotel sells out very quickly as it is a popular tourist destination!

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Table of contents if you hurry1. Punavuori – Where to stay in Helsinki for the first time2. Kamppi – the best place for a night from Helsinki3. Kallio – budget arrangement in Helsinki4. Etu-Töölö – for nature lovers5. City Center (Kluuvi) – Accommodation for convenient transportation6. Kaartinkaupunki – The best Helsinki accommodation for families Helsinki FAQ

Here is a map of all the areas of Helsinki that I will talk about in this post.

It is located just south of the city center Punavuori, which means ‘red stone’ in Finnish. It is one of the best places to stay in Helsinki. If it’s your first time here, it’s a trendy and trendy neighborhood. full of luxury shops good for shopping Cafes and restaurants where you can eat amazing local food. Most of them are located on the main road near the city center and are easy to find.

Being part of the Design District, you’ll find galleries and museums around every corner! I love the atmosphere here, it’s like breathing in real art! Not to mention the beautiful and unique architecture.

Helsinki, Finland. August 26, 2017. View Of Helsinki South Harbour (etelasatama Stock Photo

For a long time, the district was home to most of the Finnish factories in Helsinki. So you are likely to see many industrial factories that are now modern and stylish commercial spaces. However, I feel like they managed to keep the old cool atmosphere here. So you feel like you are traveling back in time.

I recommend taking a walk in the oldest park in the city called Kaiwo Puito. If you come here during the fall You will love the beautiful colors and unique plants Punavuori is full of luxury boutique hotels. But you’ll also find beautiful apartments at affordable prices. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

This Punavuori hotel is in a great location and has the best view in Helsinki! You can have coffee on the small balcony of the room. I love that some rooms have saunas too. (Finish style) so you can relax after a day of shopping and visiting museums! There is also a bar. So make sure you drink there.

One of the best hotels in Helsinki with stylish rooms, free wifi, a restaurant and bar.

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It is a good place to stay in an area with complete facilities. The room is very spacious and has free wifi as well.

Beautiful apartment designed in Finnish style. with complete facilities It is located near trendy bars and restaurants.

I love the lively atmosphere in this Gambian center! Everyone is friendly and always ready to party. in the city center This area is also a business district. It combines the traditional side of the museum’s history with modern bars and restaurants.

Kamppi is for you if you want to party all night and go to church or church the next day!

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If you want to go shopping We recommend visiting the largest complex in the area, the Kamppi center, which is the largest building ever built in Finnish history! I love that this part of town is so diverse! Anyone looking for accommodation in Helsinki will love this area. So I recommend booking Hotel Kamppi in advance because all options sell out very quickly!

Still wondering where to stay in Helsinki to enjoy the amazing nightlife? Kamppi will give you the most amazing experience! After you hit the shop Go visit the Helsinki Museum of Nature It seems to have been infested with venomous spiders since the 1960s! So you should be careful here! And stop by the art museum to see amazing paintings!

An eco-friendly luxury hotel in the heart of Kambi, decorated in a cool Finnish style! Spend some time relaxing in the sauna or hit the gym if you’re in the mood after exploring the city! The rooms are modern and very spacious. And make sure you have breakfast – the restaurant is amazing!

It is a good place to stay for families. Located close to all attractions. and has all amenities including free wifi.

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One of the best budget accommodation with more amenities and access to attractions.

This modern private apartment is located in the heart of Kambi, close to many restaurants and bars.

Kallio is located east of Helsinki city center. It is a trendy neighborhood perfect for backpackers or those traveling on a tight budget. It is definitely my favorite because it has a bohemian vibe and is full of artists! Kallio is a residential area. But most locals choose to move because the neighborhood is full of tourists and students. You can find them in most bars.

This is one of the best areas to stay. Because there is always something to do in Callio.

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And waterfront entrance The atmosphere here is so relaxed and everyone is super friendly in Callio! You will find many cafes, bars and restaurants. And if you’re lucky, you might find someone reading poetry in one of the bars! I love it. Everyone sounds free here as if they don’t have a care in the world.

If you are a foodie looking for a place to stay in Helsinki. I recommend staying in Kallio because you will find thousands of beautiful streets and lots of delicious food. Be sure to visit the flea market and buy some great souvenirs!

You won’t find better city views than this luxury hotel in Helsinki’s Kallio. You can have a drink at this property’s stylish beach bar. Then go to the pool and swim until you’re ready for bed! Be sure to have breakfast here, it’s delicious!

One of the best hotels in this price range. I love the style of the rooms here. There is free wifi and delicious breakfast too.

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Stay in Helsinki, Kallio at this budget hotel. It has all the amenities, free Wi-Fi and a large balcony.

And cool Finnish decor. This apartment is one of the best places to stay in Kallio and offers spacious rooms.

It is located northwest of the city center. This is the best area if you want to get away from the city and the city atmosphere. It is large and divided into smaller sections. Stay in Helsinki in a quiet neighborhood and enjoy all the green spaces! Here you will find many restaurants and you can try Finnish food! I recommend making it, it’s delicious!

Although it is a quiet area, you will find many attractions such as museums and art galleries. Although you may not be very close to the city center, Etu-Töölö has unique sites such as the Olympic Stadium. Beautiful Opera House and Finlandia Hall

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You will learn many new things about the cultures of these places! And if you love history as much as I do, start exploring the city. through the House of Representatives And behind you you will find several main streets and traditional houses from the 1920s and 1930s! Love this site, be sure to grab your camera and take a picture!

Walk the streets and admire the incredible architecture. Then go to other attractions such as the Sibelius Monument, which was built in honor of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius!

One of the best accommodations in the area. You will love the view of Finlandia Park! The rooms are spacious and suitable for families. Maybe you go to the sauna in the evening. and spend the night at a barbecue with the whole family. And plan the next day to visit the best attractions!

Stay in Helsinki in this hotel in beautiful style. Free Wi-Fi, bar, delicious breakfast. and private rooms

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In one of the best apartments This modern studio offers comfort and convenience.

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