Best Area To Stay In Heidelberg Germany

Best Area To Stay In Heidelberg Germany – Heidelberg Germany is a great destination just off the beaten track for travelers to Germany. Heidelberg is located on the Neckar River in southwestern Germany, famous for being home to the University of Heidelberg and Heidelberg Castle, as well as the longest continuous road in the world.

In addition to history, architecture and shopping, Heidelberg is surrounded by large forests and mountains and offers many opportunities for day trips to towns and villages. With our guide to Heidelberg hotels and the best Heidelberg neighborhoods, you can easily choose where to stay in Heidelberg.

Best Area To Stay In Heidelberg Germany

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Attractions To Visit In Heidelberg, Germany

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Almost every European city has an old town, or Altstadt if you are in a German region, and Heidelberg is no exception. The Altstadt is the city center of Heidelberg, with historic streets from the famous bridge to the castle hill. Two of the best things to do in Heidelberg are from the Altstadt. The cable car to Heidelberg Castle and a boat trip on the Neckar River are both must-dos in Heidelberg’s Altstadt.

Shopping on the Hauptstrasse of the Old Town is of course also a must for shoppers! The Old Town is the best part for tourists who have a short stay in Heidelberg and only want to see the highlights. Fortunately, there are many Heidelberg hotels in the old town, although you will pay more for space and parking is difficult or expensive.

Book Hotel Heidelberg In Heidelberg

Next to the Old Town is the Bergheim area. Along the river, this is where you will find the train station, and the best accommodation options. This very interesting neighborhood even has the Bergheim campus of the University of Heidelberg, while the main campus is located across the river. In addition to many bars and restaurants, Bergheim has several parks along the river.

The Bismarckplatz park is the most beautiful place in Bergheim and you can easily walk to the sights of the old town from Bergheim while saving a little money on accommodation. For travelers planning day trips from Heidelberg, it is also convenient to be close to the main station. You can visit places like Strasbourg, France or Frankfurt, Germany and return to Bergheim at night.

If you cross the old bridge north of the old town, you will come to Neuenheim, Heidelberg. With beautiful riverside parks, including the Neckarwiese and Tiergarten, this is a family-friendly area that offers easy access to Heidelberg’s attractions. There are many attractions in the Tiergarten, including Heidelberg Park.

Neuenheim is also home to Heidelberg University, and even if you’re not a student, you’ll enjoy a visit to the campus of Germany’s oldest university. Of course, the student population means there are plenty of entertainment options, with bars, restaurants and cafes all around. Don’t miss Brückenstraße, which has many German bars and restaurants.

Arthotel Heidelberg, Heidelberg

South of the city center lies the Rohrbach district. Only ten minutes by tram to the old town, Rohrbach is the perfect part for tourists who want to spend more time and prefer the quiet atmosphere of the city, with easy access to public transport.

Here you will find typical Germans going about their daily lives, such as grocery stores, yoga studios and shops. There are few hotels here, but many restaurants and guesthouses. Likewise, if you arrive in Heidelberg by car, parking here is usually free and always much more than in other areas closer to the city center.

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Erasmus Experience In Heidelberg, Germany By Dimitris

With my financial knowledge and travel experience, I will show you that with a little planning, the right budget and a realistic goal, you can fulfill your travel ideas and travel the world, whatever your budget or your desires!

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Heidelberg is often called one of the most romantic cities in Germany. It’s pedestrianized, vibrant university community and the rivers all add to its beauty. Most first time visitors will take a guided tour of the Old Town below and proceed to Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg is located in southwestern Germany on the river Neckar. He is known for the University of Heidelberg, a prestigious and prestigious institution since the 14th century that dominated the life of the city. With its beautiful riverside landscape, pastel buildings and castle ruins, this city is often referred to as one of Germany’s most romantic cities.

Heidelberg Germany Travel Guide & Tourist Information

Begin your visit to Heidelberg in the Hauptstrasse or main street of the Altstadt (Old Town). Hovedgaden is the longest shopping street in the world, and you’ll find tons of chain stores, boutiques, restaurants, galleries and cafes along this stretch. Balancing the main shopping street is the river! ​If you visit in November and December, check out Heidelberg’s Christmas markets!

, or City; Marktplatz to see the Fountain of Hercules, where petty criminals were chained in the Middle Ages; or University Prison, where unruly students are locked up on campus. In later years it became something of a party center!

A river cruise is a really fun way to see some of the streets of the city. While the main shopping street is one of Heidelberg’s most popular attractions, I personally found the smaller streets more fun to explore! The old bridge is worth walking to find the central gate. Don’t forget to check out the monkey statue at the entrance to the bridge! Legend has it that he has a mirror and if you touch it, he will give you wealth. If you touch the monkey’s fingers, you will go back to the city.

This route north of the river Neckar passes through the Hilligenberg and got its name because the university philosophers used to think about the meaning of life along this route. Today, college students enjoy the sun with a picnic on this track! First-time visitors to Heidelberg will want to cross the bridge to the Philosopher’s Walk for a better view of the old town.

The 10 Best Hotels In Heidelberg For 2022 (from $59)

Heidelberg actually has a warmer climate than Germany and you can find rare Japanese flora on this beautiful mountain.

We woke up early to visit Schloss Heidelberg, which sits atop Heidelberg’s old town. You can walk 15 minutes to the top or take the mountain cable car to Königstuhl, the royal seat. A visit to Heidelberg Castle offers great views of the city and is where I took many of these photos!

Otherwise I thought it was a bit of a stretch to call it a ‘fortress’ as it was just ruins. I had heard so much about romantic German castles (and seen some on the Rhine) that I was looking forward to an adventure like Eltz. Heidelberg Castle would make a great trip for history buffs!

We walked the grounds which included a visit to the Heidelberg Castle Brewery (the largest in the world!) and the pharmacy museum which chronicles the history of pharmacists.

A Guide To Living In Heidelberg As An Expat

This is a small square in the old town of Heidelberg where you can people watch from one of the many benches and enjoy the student town.

Families traveling to Heidelberg with children will want to visit this fun park with them

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