Best App To Trade Stocks

Best App To Trade Stocks – What is the best business software in Malaysia? Do the sites with the best deals also have the best programs? Do you want to trade stocks, forex or CFDs? Do they offer Islamic accounts?

We reviewed some apps not listed below, including BDSwiss, Alpari International, FXPro and HotForex. These reviews were updated in January 2022. Based on these reviews, we found AvaTradeGo to be the best trading software for traders in Malaysia. Then and OctaFX also made it to the top 3 trading programs in Malaysia.

Best App To Trade Stocks

The good news for you as a trader is that all seven trading apps in the list below are completely free and all offer Islamic accounts. Here are the top 7 business programs in Malaysia:

The 5 Best Stock Apps Of 2022

These seven mobile trading apps in Malaysia are also operated by properly regulated brokers, so you can feel safe with your money. But as with trading, never invest more than you can afford to lose. You can read our reviews of these seven best business software below.

AvaTradeGO software is very popular among traders due to its fast loading speed, live chat option which is supported by AVA and also provides access to more than 250 tradable assets. AvaTrade broker also offers a huge welcome bonus of 40%! Visit Aihua’s mobile launch interface is simple and fluid, which is a good thing. Stock CFD selection is great! There are over 2000 of these assets available. As for currencies, the program supports professional, minor and exotic currencies. However, according to user feedback, this software shows some issues like graphics features and technical specifications. Visit

The OctaFX cTrader mobile app puts a wealth of relevant information at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it. Nevertheless, it is still a very simple and straightforward mobile trading solution with some additional features.

Best Stock Trading Apps For Android

BlackBull Markets offers robust MetaTrader 4 trading software as a mobile platform. Among hundreds of thousands of users, the app has an excellent rating of 5/4.8 for iOS and 5/4.6 for Android. The app offers an impressive selection of basic and advanced features. Visit the Black Bull Market

Users appreciate the XTB xStation mobile trading app for its intuitive interface, fast and instant trade execution, great graphics, and great features like the trading sentiment indicator, and if your phone goes to sleep, you won’t often get out, tap it, and be back in action. Visit XTB

Capex’s mobile platform works as advertised, and the modern mobile trading app is expected to do as well. They offer top charts, many interesting trading tools and access to news that helps with technical analysis. access to capital expenditure

FBS is one of the older brokers. Founded 12 years ago, the company has become a staple in the online trading/CFD space. It operates in 150 countries and cooperates with the best football clubs in the world. Visit FBS

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The most important feature of your mobile trading software is cross-platform trading, which means you should be able to enter a trade on your desktop and close the same trade in the app. Another important aspect is how easy the app is to use. The simpler the better. In addition, the software should provide a wide range of tradable assets for all your trading needs. The trading software reviewed on this page offers trading in stocks, forex and CFDs, but the number of assets offered for trading in each asset class will vary.

Of course, you also want the app to offer both live and demo accounts. So you can test the software and experiment before you start using it to trade with real money. In-app copy trading is also a feature you might like. Ultimately, in your case, you’ll need a highly reliable connection to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

These apps basically look the same and work the same way, they’re pretty generic. They provide access to over 250 tradable assets and some of them have a leverage of 1:30.

A revolutionary new risk management tool. With AvaProtect, customers can now protect their transactions against market risk. Customers can now protect their trades for a period of time for a small upfront fee, and AvaTrade will reimburse them for the loss of the protected trade. This feature is available for all Forex pairs as well as gold and silver.

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The Android version is clearly more popular. To date, more than 500,000 people have downloaded it. Most user reviews have been positive, although there have been some complaints about general usability, technical analysis features and some broker experiences.

AvaTradeGO is free to download and is only 19 MB. It installs in less than a minute and also comes with a great practice mode option that activates quickly.

After all, it is perfectly reasonable for traders to test the software in virtual currency mode before using it to invest real money.

Opening a position through the application is extremely simple and straightforward. Just go to the market section and select a currency pair/tradable asset.

Best Options Trading Platforms For 2022

The app’s dashboard also has a horizontally scrollable watchlist, so the tracked assets and currency pairs can be traded directly from there.

The relatively standard menu buttons in the upper left corner provide access to trade history, open positions, the markets section and the AVA account section.

The app also offers a live chat option with AVA support as well as many technical tools such as pivot points, MACD, RSI and some other indicators. Charts can be viewed in landscape mode.

The latest version of the AvatradeGO Android app brings several improvements to the home page design and some other features.

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As mentioned earlier, the iOS version of the app is very similar to the Android version. The interesting thing is that it is dimensionally heavier. iPhone and iPad users will need to download 109.6MB – which is quite surprising given the relatively simple nature of the app.

The iOS app supports multiple languages. In addition to English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are also supported.

At launch, the iOS app offered a $12,500 bonus. Traders can access the learning center through the app and update their trading skills on the go.

The latest version of the AvaTradeGO mobile app also brings several fixes. Improves app usability and security by adding fingerprint/password app lock. It provides current market information, economic calendars and selected ideas directly from the offer.

Best Stock Trading Apps Of 2022

Both mobile apps support real money deposits and withdrawals as well as account registration. The Market Trend feature is said to be unique to the AvaTradeGO platform.

At first glance, the Android trading platform is a nice little app. It starts well. It has a serious business interface. Executes trades and orders flawlessly.

The app provides access to over 2200 tradable assets. Asset selection includes indices, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds and hybrids. What is the mixture? They are baskets of micro-shares that represent specific industries. Cannabis blends allow traders to profit by taking the pulse of the cannabis industry. Most trades are done through CFDs.

The app provides users with a demo account that provides a virtual currency balance of $10,000. Perhaps most importantly, the mobile app integrates with the web app. This means that you can open a position on one platform and close it on another platform.

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The demo version is said to include real-time charts as well as 50 technical indicators for analysis. Although real-time charts are available, we struggle to find technical indicators. They don’t even show up after flipping the phone to landscape mode.

The mobile launch interface is simple and smooth. Dashboards provide users with easy access to selected trading instruments, watch lists and open position lists.

There is a search button in the upper left corner of the panel. Through it you can access all available assets for sale by category. You can also search for assets of your choice.

There is a menu button in the upper right corner. This will allow you to open all the notifications, analytics and settings that the app has to offer.

The Best Stock Trading Apps Of September 2022

If you tap on a purchased asset, the app will open a screen dedicated to that asset. This screen contains charts and all the details you need to know before trading.

Opening a position is as easy as pressing the buy or sell button. Before opening a position, you can determine the following through the trade