Best App To Trade Crypto

Best App To Trade Crypto – Some of the best apps in India to buy bitcoin are WazirX, Bitbns and CoinDCX. In addition, this article will give you all the information you need to choose the best platform for your needs.

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Best App To Trade Crypto

An app that allows you to buy, sell and sell bitcoins in India on your phone is a bitcoin exchange app. They free you from the hassle of carrying a laptop everywhere and doing crypto trades remotely.

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You can trade on the go using a mobile phone, or as a beginner, you can start investing in bitcoin using an app. Simple and user-friendly features are found in many apps, but let’s take a look at the best apps.

Many platforms are just starting to offer their services on mobile, and it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That’s why we’ve selected a list of seven best apps to help you out.

With the WazirX exchange, you can invest in many cryptocurrencies using INR, USDT, BTC and even WRX (the token of the platform). In addition, the platform hosts various competitions and airdrops; you can follow this through the home page. On the settings page, you can also invite your friends and earn money through WazirX referrals.

In addition, WazirX also has its own currency called WRX, and you can use INR to buy WRX and then use WRX to invest in many other cryptocurrencies. For more information, read WazirX’s review.

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Yes, WazirX is safe to use because it keeps almost all your stuff in the cold room and only a small part in the Hot bags. You can increase your security by enabling two-factor authentication and App Passcode from settings. In addition, the platform informs you with notifications about the success of your orders.

Finally, WazirX was acquired by the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, giving them another level of confidence.

WazirX charges a 0.2% access and initiation fee in addition to commissions. However, the program offers a feature called ‘Pay Business Fee with WRX.’ Supported by the payment system, you can pay the purchase price with WRX and register a discount of 50% on the price of the product.

Due to high volatility in the Indian market, the platform often faces deposit problems and has to change its deposit methods. Starting September 22, 2021, you can put INR in your WazirX wallet and make deposits through Net banking with an amount as low as INR100 and a fee of INR 24. Also, you can use MobiKwik to make deposits and pay fees as needed. at the gate. You can also use WazirX P2P, free USDT deposits. For more information, read our WazirX P2P guide.

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To withdraw, you can withdraw fast’ with a fee of INR 10 and a limit of 2 lakhs per transaction. You can also use NEFT with a fee of INR 5 and a limit of 10 lakhs per transaction.

Bitbns is an Indian currency exchange platform that makes transactions simple, transparent and secure. The program offers margin trading, pool trading and, in general, crypto trading. The program also offers a Fixed Investment Plan that guarantees you a return on investment in cryptocurrencies. The platform has its own hardware wallet, which you can find on the official website. In addition, the platform will soon launch its product and has already started a test network. The way to enter bitbns is simple. For more information, read the Bitbns review.

Yes, Bitbns is safe to use and uses cold storage to protect most of your assets. In addition, the application has two-factor authentication and Google verification to protect its wallet. You can also buy Bitbns wallet and save your money. Also, if you have any questions about the platform, you can contact Bitbns customer service and raise a ticket.

Bitbns has an interest rate of 0.25%, which is one of the highest in the market. In addition, this platform charges 1.77% to install Mobikwik. To withdraw, they pay a fee based on the following slab:

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Bitbns gives you the option to save money with MobiKwik wallet. You can use a credit card on Mobikwik and then use Mobikwik to pay now. The app also allows payment via IMPS, NEFT, Bank transfer, USDT P2P, UPI and bank P2P.

The Unocoin India app has a user-friendly interface while supporting a multi-currency economy. The Unocoin app offers an automatic trading function on the screen that helps users organize the trading of goods. You can start depositing through the app by simply creating an account and completing your KYC.

Yes, Unocoin is safe to use because the app offers two-factor authentication. You can also set a digital pin and verify your fingerprints to log into the app. Every time you enter the wrong pin or your fingerprints don’t match the characters, the app will log you out.

You can reach the support team through the application settings, by phone, email or chat with a bot.

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Unocoin charges a buy/sell fee of 0.7% for about 60 days of use. After that, they charge you 0.5%, upgrading to ‘Gold Membership’. Unocoin does not pay developer or any fees.

You can deposit through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI without any fees. You can also use MobiKwik wallet, with a 2% fee, with a debit card or credit card with a certain amount.

At Coodax, you can start investing within minutes of downloading the app. They provide an easy and fast registration and KYC verification process.

After verification, you can enter INR and start depositing. There are no cryptocurrency regulations in India yet. However, colodax assures its users to always comply with government regulations whenever regulations are issued.

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Colodax offers users two-factor authentication and email OTP security. It allows you to turn on the verification of the settings. You can reach their support team by raising a ticket through their website.

The platform does not charge a deposit fee; however, you have to pay the cost of buying and investing through other means.

Colodax trading fees vary according to how much you sell in 30 days. There is also a withdrawal fee for cryptocurrencies, which you can see in the table below:

They allow you to deposit any cryptocurrencies available on the platform. You deposit INR through bank transfer, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS and UPI.

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CoinDCX offers the cheapest currency in India and allows you to trade more than 200 currencies. You can complete the registration in seconds by entering the OTP sent to your mobile via email.

CoinDCX crypto exchange platform can be considered the most widely used. He also teaches the basics of investing in options. In addition, you can also earn a small amount of money with the CoinDCX referral program.

Yes, CoinDCX is safe to use because the first layer of security that CoinDCX provides is through the Google authenticator program. They allow you to use the investment tool only after you have verified it. You will need to set a withdrawal password to control each withdrawal you make.

CoinDCX pays you a 0.1% producer and receiver fee. The minimum withdrawal limit is INR 1000, and there are no fees. Spot trading fees and Margin on CoinDCX depends on your trading volume. It can be divided into categories as shown in the table below:

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DCXinsta helps you buy or sell Digital currency in INR. You can deposit INR through UPI, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS and bank transfer.

ZebPay India likes to call itself “Bitcoin Ki Dukaan” and has been providing crypto trading services since 2015. You can register with your mobile and complete their ‘quick KYC’ to start crypto trading.

ZebPay has a referral and earning feature where you get 50% of the sales revenue from new signups through your links for one year.

When you use ZebPay, 98% of your transactions are in cold storage. ZebPay uses a technology called Omnitrixx, which secures all transactions between hot and cold wallets using multiple security methods.

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ZebPay app has a pin with numbers to save the account, and you can also use your fingerprint to access the app.

ZebPay charges a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC per month. However, you can avoid this membership fee by becoming a merchant.

The platform pays you a commission of 0.15% and a commission of 0.25%. ZebPay reduces your transaction fee to 0.10% if your order and withdrawal are made on the same day.

All crypto deposits on ZebPay are free. However, there is a charge of INR 15 for UPI and 1.77% for Net Banking. There is a fee of INR 10 for both fiat withdrawals and 0.0006 BTC for BTC withdrawals.

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You can deposit INR through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, bank transfer and Net Banking. There is a minimum deposit of INR 100 through