Best App To Track Stock Portfolio

Best App To Track Stock Portfolio – With a stock portfolio tracker app, you can keep track of your holdings without checking your brokerage account. These apps also feature smart analytics and recommendations to find good deals and weed out the bad ones.

Below are the best apps to track your stock portfolio in India.

Best App To Track Stock Portfolio

INDmoney is not only a stock tracker, it is also an investment portfolio tracker. It allows you to monitor and consolidate multiple investments/asset classes on one dashboard.

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The best part is that most of the tracking is automated. Unlike other apps in India. Most other apps, even the ones listed here, have to be entered manually, but INDmoney does most of the tracking by linking email accounts and PAN.

INDmoney probably has the best stocks. It updates stock prices 15 minutes after markets open, updates portfolio value and updates regularly.

As INDmoney provides a consolidated overview of your portfolio, it also displays your Networth. It is calculated by subtracting all debts (such as credit cards) from the total value of your portfolio.

You can link INDmoney with Zerodha or UPstox and it automatically syncs your stock portfolio. If you are using another broker platform, you can download NSDL/CDSL statement and track your portfolio through INDmoney.

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If you connect Zerodha or UPstox, you can also apply for various IPOs as they work directly through the INDmoney app. Additionally, if you own bonds linked to your Demat account, such as SGB, INDmoney will automatically include them in the bond asset class.

INDmoney also offers premium membership plans for investment advice. This membership gives you access to a feature called INDynamo.

INDynamo tells you which stocks in your portfolio are safe to buy, hold or sell – all powered by A.I. and calculations of their wealth.

The best part is that INDmoney will deliver your stock news as soon as it is released. It even shows whether the messages are positive, neutral or negative. After the dividend is declared, you will receive a notification about the dividend yield, the expected date and the amount of the dividend that you will receive in your bank account.

List Of Best Stock/asset Portfolio Tracker Apps In India (2022)

It is primarily a platform for stock analysis and financial data collection of listed Indian companies. With TickerTape you can track

Many of the analysis articles you see on INDmoney are also provided by TickerTape. For example, both INDmoney and TickerTape have very similar stock analysis consensus.

However, when you upgrade to TickerTape Premium, you can see stock forecasts, Pro investment lists, growth rates and price forecasts, access to powerful screening tools, and more.

To start tracking your stock portfolio with TickerTape, you need to link it to your Demat account. Once you’ve done that, you can view your portfolio through the TickerTape dashboard. Very similar to Zerod in my opinion.

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The only disadvantage of TickerTape is that it cannot be connected to multiple Demat (brokerage) accounts. So if you invest through Zerodha, ICICI and Groww, you will be able to track one of these accounts simultaneously.

If you are looking for an alternative to INDmoney, Kuvera is currently the only option. For tracking your stock portfolio, Coover is a little better

With INDmoney you can only manage your stock portfolio, although it comes with AI analysis and advice, it does not allow you to buy/sell stocks through the app.

You can link multiple brokerage accounts like Zerodha KITE with Kuvera and buy/sell stocks directly without using your Demat account.

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You will still need to confirm the transaction via CDSL. So it is very safe and your properties are safe.

Kuvera also allows you to track these promotions as part of Target. You can create multiple goals and assign individual actions as part of each goal.

You can also track mutual funds, EPF and check deposits. Overall, Kuvera is another great app and definitely worth checking out.

Overall, there are no better or even better apps for tracking your wallet than INDmoney and TickerTape.

Portfolio Tracking Software For Investors

I would mention Finology Ticker and Jama Wealth app but I tried both for 2 weeks and it’s not worth it. Jama Wealth comes with many features but the app does not work. Phinology Ticker requires a lot of manual input.

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Investing is not easy to follow. It is rare to have dozens or even hundreds of positions to trade stocks, options and cryptocurrencies. Even for index fund investors like myself, 401k, IRA, HSA, and tax-deferred accounts are no picnic. Enter stock tracking apps.

I Made This Google Sheet So Anyone Here Can Track Their Stock Portfolio. It Works For Us Markets Too.

I need a small app. I’ve tried every stock and investment tracker available, both free and paid. Personal Capital is the best tool overall for me and it’s free. It even tracks holdings of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a recently added feature. I use it every day.

However, it also uses other tools that serve specific purposes. Some are free and some are paid. Here are five such tools to consider in addition to personal capital.

Driving a Stock Rover is like smoking firewood. The combination of these research tools and a portfolio can be a bit overwhelming at first. With Stock Rover you can get a lot of information about stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. You can link your investment accounts, automatically download position and balance data, and then evaluate your portfolio. This tool also comes with pre-defined portfolios (like 3 fund portfolios) that you can use to compare your investments.

I use Stock Rover for research tools and compare the performance of my portfolio against several benchmarks. Stock Rover offers a free plan as well as paid plans. It also offers a 14-day free trial of its Premium Plus plan.

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This free tool doesn’t offer Personal Capital or Stock Rover features, but it does a great job of tracking your portfolio. Investments need to be entered manually, although it allows data entry via a CSV file. Displays the current value of positions and jobs. He can also file IRS tax form 8949.

While EquityStat doesn’t come with a powerful feature set, it has a great user interface that makes it easy to track portfolio performance.

This is a tool I don’t use much in this list. Delta Investment Tracker is only available as an iOS or Android app. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in the App Store. The application can track cryptocurrencies, stocks, funds, commodities, currencies, futures or bonds.

The main disadvantage of Delta is that it cannot be linked to broker accounts. The app hints that the feature is coming, but it’s not clear when. So most of the investments have to be done manually. It supports connecting to about 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, which doesn’t help me because I don’t have a position in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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So Bitcoin is best for those who want to track Bitcoin and other digital currencies or stock portfolio. For those who want to track their money portfolio and asset allocation, Delta is not ideal.

I listed Kuber for its potential rather than its actual feature set. This is a paid tool ($15 per month), but features are limited. You can link your investment accounts and your positions and balances will be displayed. This allows you to track the value of various assets such as domain names. It connects to major cryptocurrency exchanges and offers an insurance policy tracking feature.

Unlike personal capital, it does not provide meaningful information about asset allocation. It also doesn’t come with a retirement planner or payment analyzer. However, it is very easy to use with a clean interface. Hopefully they will add more features to the tool over time.

Finally, Google Sheets makes it easy to keep track of your portfolio. With Google Finance, you can get information about stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. For example, it’s easy to pull stock names, expense ratios, current prices and performance. Here’s a free spreadsheet you can use to track their investments.

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I use the chart mainly for balancing purposes. It’s easy to see which