America’s Best In Naperville

America’s Best In Naperville – Naperville Sun Naperville is ranked fourth out of 2,300 cities on the 2022 list of America’s 100 Best Places to Live.

The “Landforms” mural can be seen along the Riverwalk, one of the factors that helped Naperville rank fourth on the annual list of the 100 Best Places to Live in America, according to (Susan Baker/Naperville Sun)

America’s Best In Naperville

Described by as “the fun places that attract big cities — a variety of culinary destinations, sporting facilities, diverse shopping, family-friendly spots and vibrant nightlife — creating urban magic,” Naperville s is ranked fourth. 2022 from the society’s 100 Best Places to Live in America.

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Liveability editor Amanda Ellis said the annual rankings are based on the quality of life offered to each city in the areas of services, economy, population, housing, social and cultural , education, health, transport and infrastructure.

“We look at things like people’s income versus what they spend. How much money are people making? What are businesses like?” Alice said:

The Top 100 list is now in its ninth year, and Ellis said the company tries to change things up each year based on trends.

“We added flexibility to recover from natural disasters, which I found impressive,” Ellis said.

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Of the 2,300 small and medium-sized communities of 500,000 in the 36 regions that were assessed, Naperville scored 668, followed by Madison, Wisconsin, with 725; No. 2 Ann Arbor, Michigan, with 686; and No. 3 in Rochester, Minnesota, with 671.

Naperville was not on last year’s list. He last appeared in the Top 100 in 2017, when he ranked 37th.

“It’s a very old town with a great downtown area with family and other country type shops,” as well as lots of fine dining restaurants, Ernst said.

Good school districts are also attractive because of their easy access to major highways that can take a person to downtown Chicago or across the country, he said.

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Naperville’s outdoor attractions, such as the Forest Preserve, playgrounds, golf courses, and the Naperville Riverwalk, also benefited greatly, along with “numerous community events and festivals, such as beautiful Farmers’ Markets and unmissable concerts,” he wrote:

The ranking also took into account the Naperville commute of 33.6 minutes, the median home price of $503,821, the median household income of $127,648 and property taxes of $9,227.

By comparison, Madison has more than 250,000 residents and a 19.3-minute commute, a median home price of $378,228, a median household income of $67,565 and property taxes of $5,426, according to the prospectus. .

Madison won best place to live for the second year in a row, according to Livability, because the Midwestern college town has “a stable economy and a welcoming environment for recent grads, families and retirees.”

Best Place To Live In Us 2022: Naperville, Il #4

It also has “a popular farmer’s market, tons of free attractions, outdoor concerts that rock all summer long, and 200 miles of hiking, biking, and snowshoeing.”

Other Illinois cities on the Top 100 list are Oak Park (28), Downers Grove (37), Evanston (52), and Bloomington (64).

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Naperville, Il Real Estate & Homes For Sale

To learn more about the latest heart-related technologies at Edward-Elmhurst Health’s Cardiac Innovations & Structural Heart Center, visit Thinking of buying a house in Naperville? Naperville, Illinois is the western suburb of Chicagoland and is known as one of the best places to live in Chicago. Located about 33 miles west of downtown Chicago, it is also the fifth largest city in the state.

As one of the best cities to live in Illinois, Naperville has some of the best neighborhoods and subdivisions in the United States.

Of course, Naperville is a great place to live and buy a home. But what’s the best part of Naperville to live in?

1. Hobson West is the best part of Naperville to live. Located one mile south of downtown Naperville, Hobson West has some of the best schools in Illinois and is known as Chicagoland’s friendliest neighborhood. Another major benefit for residents is its facilities, which include tennis courts and the Hobson West swimming pool.

Hotel In Naperville

With that in mind, living in Hobson West is relatively affordable compared to other popular areas such as downtown Naperville. So, it has a list price of $599, $800, and a price per square foot of $230, which is reasonable.

All of these factors add up to make Hobson West one of the best places in Naperville to raise children.

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2. Cress Creek is the second best neighborhood in Naperville and the second most popular neighborhood in 2022. This means that more home buyers are looking for homes in Cress Creek than any other neighborhood in Naperville. The popular Naperville neighborhood is 8 minutes northwest of downtown Naperville.

Callery Road, Naperville, Il 60564

Likewise, it is home to the Cress Creek Country Club, a popular community for homeowners who enjoy golf, swimming, and tennis courts. Cress Creek Country Club membership fees are $115 per month for a single pass and $142 per month for a family pass after fees.

However, with a median home price of $542,000, it is the most expensive neighborhood in Naperville, Illinois. Although not as expensive as downtown Naperville or East Highlands. As a result, downtown Naperville’s price per square foot is 38% higher than Cress Creek and 33% higher than Hobson West.

3. Downtown Naperville is the third best place to live in Naperville. Plus, its proximity to Naperville’s great restaurants, the Riverwalk, and the best schools in the United States.

Indeed, the downtown area of ​​Naperville is home to School District 203, which ranks as “the best in America” ​​among districts with over 12,000 students.

Best Things To Do In Naperville

Likewise, Kennedy Junior High School was ranked as the best high school in Illinois. Needless to say, Meadow Glens Elementary School is ranked as the 2nd best elementary school. Finally, Naperville Central is the 22nd highest ranked high school in Illinois, followed by Naperville North at 23rd.

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This also makes Naperville the most expensive place in DuPage County to buy a home. Therefore, the median price of a home in Naperville is $764,000, with a price per square foot of $344.

When comparing median prices, East Highlands is the most expensive neighborhood in Naperville, with a median price of $1.5 million. Additionally, the most expensive street in Naperville is Oxford Lane, ranging from $1,185,000 to $3,000,000. This unique property is located in the Rivergrove neighborhood, 10 minutes southeast of downtown Naperville.

Retail Property In 2856 Patriot’s Lane, Naperville, Il 60563

4. Ashbury is another trendy and popular neighborhood in Naperville, IL. The photo above is 12 minutes from downtown Naperville. Without a doubt, Ashbury is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in South Will County in the City of Naperville. Amenities in the subdivision include the Ashbury Pavilion and Pool, which is priced at $640,000.

Finally, Ashbury is the closest part of Naperville on our list for the most recommended Naperville home. Obviously, this is a huge bonus when you need a professional interior or exterior painter before moving in or leaving your property.

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