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So you’re heading to Midtown to see some of New York’s biggest attractions. While visiting Rockefeller Center and Times Square, you may get hungry. While you may know some of the big names here (Keen’s and TAO), you’re also treated to a local face rather than the usual tourist traps. We are here. We know the best restaurants in Midtown, New York.

America’s Best In Midtown

Downtown New York is known for prominent companies, tall office buildings and iconic landmarks. Sometimes finding a good place to eat in the area can be a challenge, especially when you’re out of town.

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Whether you’re taking a tour of the Empire State Building or a show at Madison Square Garden, we know where you can have fun and eat. From food trucks to fine dining, here’s our list of the best Midtown, NY restaurants to check out.

When you want hot noodles on a cold day, NoNoNo is a yes, yes, yes. This two-story custom space is surprisingly spacious with a loft vibe, but exudes all those cozy vibes.

On those really cold days, go upstairs where you’ll be away from the front door and have the best view of the main people-watching street. Of course, if you prefer authentic street food, there are also outdoor restaurants.

While this place is a must for ramen (we recommend the Shoyu Chintan Chicken and Pork Ramen), almost everything on the menu is worth trying. The vegetable donut (much bigger than it appears on the menu), nasu dengaku (small), salmon tataki and short yakitori noodles are hits in our opinion.

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The Juniper Bar is located near Pennsylvania Station and many local theaters, making it a convenient place to stop. The bar is usually packed, especially during event hours, and you can see why every day of the week (except Sunday) drinks are $6.

But the bar is really, really big, so there’s a good chance you’ll get a seat before the show. If not, go to a restaurant with a back where you can still do happy hours.

This is a great spot for a quick bite, like kale and artichoke hummus, roasted Brussels sprouts, and grilled veggie tacos. But if you have more time and feel more hungry, you can try various hamburgers and pasta with lobster and cheese.

It’s good, it’s good. We know it’s a local chain, but hear us out. Once a food truck, Mexico now has restaurants all over the world, including one right here in Midtown with a fun atmosphere and delicious food. This is one of the best restaurants in Midtown, New York.

The 11 Best Restaurants In Midtown, Nyc In 2023

It’s all about kebabs here, so expect to see a lot of smoked and charred meats on the menu (burnt cauliflower anyone?). But while you’re sipping on a smoky margarita, the crunchy guacamole won’t disappoint when you need a side.

While this place is good any time of the day, we especially like to visit it for weekend brunch. If not cornbread for French toast, then cinnamon toast for breakfast is a margarita with a throat rim. For your health!

Whether you want a whole pie or a few slices, NY Pizza Suprema is the place for you. It’s true that next to Madison Square Garden is the perfect place to eat before or after a concert or game.

It’s a no-frills place, so don’t expect the decor to wow you, but its immaculate remains are the perfect setting for stuffing your face with pizza. As far as pizza goes, every pie here strives to be delicious. You can choose from various gourmet options, such as warm honey with ricotta and mushrooms.

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But the New York standard round cheese pizza is the best. With a thin and slightly flaky crust drenched in homemade tomato sauce, you better hope you eat the whole pie by yourself.

That’s what makes Mastro special: it’s more than good food, it’s an experience. You don’t go there for a quiet, intimate evening. You are going there to spend a fun evening. The bar has live music every night, and since everyone needs to dress up to impress (including the waiters), there will be plenty to see and enjoy.

And while the restaurant (and its patrons) are beautiful to look at, so are the plates. Between the tower of smoked seafood and the huge steak with all the trimmings, the food looks as good as it tastes. Just don’t forget to order the butter cake for dessert. You’ll quickly see why this is one of the best restaurants in Midtown, New York.

Located just a few blocks from Grand Central, this Mexican spot is easy to find on your way downtown. It’s lively, fun and big.

Stk New York City

Choose to eat inside or enjoy the large outdoor patio if you’re in the mood to dine out. Note: it can be noisy depending on the traffic you drive through.

Happy hour location in Midtown. There’s a lot going on with a $5 margarita. Besides, you don’t have to rush to save an hour. During the week, happy hour lasts from 14:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays it starts at 12:00, and on Sundays you can enjoy cheap margaritas all day.

We also love the two different options for under $25 for tacos and nachos, which makes our happy hour a lot more fun. No wonder this is one of the best restaurants in Midtown, New York.

Hillstone may be expensive, but it is always durable. You know you’re going to have a great time here with spot-on service, beautiful interiors and delicious food. The interior is darkly lit, so it creates a sexy atmosphere without much effort. However, it is still comfortable enough to travel with the family. Plus, thanks to these steep high ceilings, there’s always room for a bar.

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As for the menu, it’s mixed food. Although it’s all American with burgers and BBQ ribs, there’s also sushi (pretty good if we do say so ourselves) and one of the best salads: seared tuna with mango and miso sauce.

There’s nothing better than sitting high in New York and sipping a bubbly cocktail, which is why we love Skylark. Even locals will appreciate the views from the 30th floor, and the cocktails are to be commended.

Here, we’re all about the experts who decorate and customize the classics. Let’s raise a glass of that old maple syrup. But the cocktails (and the view) aren’t the only thing that draws us to this rooftop spot.

We’re big fans of the bar food, which is surprisingly extensive. You can get everything from tuna tacos to beef and duck steaks. This menu takes takeout to the next level, which is why it’s on our list of the best restaurants in Midtown, NY.

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We love how this city brings you everything. For example, Benoit, who brings a piece of Paris to New York. We love that this bistro offers us a variety of food options on site.

In the entrance area there is a cool living room with a crackling stove where you can sip wine and enjoy cold meats and pates. But you can also walk to the back where the restaurant is and you’ll find an extensive menu boasting top-notch French cuisine.

However, if you really want the full Paris experience (which you definitely do), you’ll probably want to take the chocolate souffle outside to the street terrace. Tres chic.

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Away from the busy street and under an office building, Sakagura is a cozy temple with bamboo partitions and lots of greenery. It’s light and comfortable, so you don’t have to deal with external glare.

And while the place is famous in its own right, we have to settle for a solid collection of Japanese whiskey – looking at you, Yamazaki Single Malt 12 Years.

The menu is solid, including beef tataki and salmon with miso. But really, we come here for the raw stuff because it’s so fresh. We can’t get enough of sashimi, so we usually order a large plate.

If you’re looking for consistent Greek food, Uncle Gussy’s is probably your best bet. It is nearby and for good reason. You get very filling gyros (we’re talking lamb and beef) for a reasonable price.

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