America’s Best In Elgin

America’s Best In Elgin – As one of Chicago’s outer suburbs, Elgin often finds itself dwarfed by its larger neighbor, but restaurant exploration in this charming city is a very rewarding endeavor. Elgin’s restaurants cater not only to international tastes, but also to those who want to get back to the roots of true American cuisine. Culture Trip takes a look at 10 of Elgin’s best restaurants for you.

Burnt Toast is your typical friendly American diner, but many of their menu options are reminiscent of a chic European cafe. For example, they have a dozen riffs on eggs benedict, and a pancake selection that includes not only your typical stack of pancakes, but also chocolate Ghirardelli pancakes and potato latkes, all from Central Europe. A favorite and a well-known staple of Jewish cuisine. Their menu also includes crepes, blintzes and Belgian waffles, the latter of which are adorned with all sorts of toppings. Their egg selections, like the gyros omelet or the chicken fajita omelet, put their breakfast league ahead of the competition.

America’s Best In Elgin

It would be a crime to come to Chicagoland (as the city and its suburbs are affectionately known) and leave without trying the infamous Chicago Pizza Authority in Elgin. The key to loving this unique approach to pizza is to think of it as a completely different dish than the pizza you know and love, because, quite simply, it is. A Chicago pizza is a deep dish pizza, usually at least an inch thick and sometimes thicker, and always topped with gooey mozzarella. If you’re even braver and willing to wait a little longer, try a stuffed pizza, which has even more cheese and toppings stuffed between two layers of dough, topped with more sauce and cheese. The best part about this pizza is that you can never finish the whole pie in one sitting, so you’ll have leftovers for days.

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Delicia Tropical Cafe is a no-frills restaurant that offers a variety of comforting, familiar dishes that are well spiced and lively enough to keep things exciting. They specialize in the food of Puerto Rico, which will bring a whole new set of influences to the country’s cuisine if it becomes America’s next much-discussed state. They have barbecue ribs and pulled pork that promise a variety of flavors from the tried and tested methods of the American South. You’ll find accents of buckwheat in unexpected places, like in pulled pork and plantain sandwiches. They often feature stews with tropical root vegetables, and most dishes come with special Puerto Rican rice, spicy tomatoes, and achiote paste. Elgin gets cold in the winter, so stop by Delicia’s and let them bring you the warmth of the tropics.

Elgin’s BBQ Pit offers a more traditional take on this great American dish, but with its own unique twist. Pete happily embraces Latin notes in his style, adding jalapeños to his salads and mixing bold sauces like habanero and mango, or tamarind and garlic that are almost blasphemous for barbecue lovers. . They have an impressive array of Southern side dishes, including collard greens, cornbread, or mac and cheese, as well as Northern flavors like their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. If you want to go further south, they also serve Jamaica’s most popular dish, chicken. All meats are brought in fresh and cooked on an excellent grill.

The town of Elgin was founded by a homeless Scottish immigrant who would find comfort in the warmth and comfort of the Elgin Public House. EPH, as the locals call it, has a delicious selection of pub grub, with options for both those who come specifically for the food and those just looking for something to go with their beer. The beer list is a true all-star team, with options for beer novices and connoisseurs alike. If you know anything about beer, you’ll be especially excited about their rotating draft and seasonal beer selection. Their daily specials include Sunday Roast, guaranteed to make any British expat or visitor feel right at home.

Real Country Donuts may not look like much and their menu may not be extensive, but what they do, they do to the highest standards. What’s better than a fresh, warm donut with chocolate frosting or a glazed cinnamon bun that looks so delicious you can’t wait to get home before eating it? It’s long been established that every occasion is more festive with donuts, and while Country Donuts is a bit far, they’ve been in business long enough to make the trip worthwhile. From crawlers to Boston cream, they have something for every taste.

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A visit to Ray’s Family Restaurant is like a visit to Pleasantville. The casual food options on the menu are reminiscent of simpler times in America, and the friendly demeanor of the staff adds to the feeling. Starting with the ‘Breakfast Anytime’ menu, there’s something for everyone, whatever your taste or dietary requirements. As hard as it is to decide between a stack of freshly baked pancakes or one of Pan’s specialties, it’s always a good idea to save room for dessert at Ray’s, as they make their own ice cream and turn it into a variety of creations. are Anyone who sees a banana split pass their table will be hard-pressed not to order one for themselves.

Sammy’s Mexican Grill definitely has the basics you expect when you visit a Mexican restaurant – enchiladas, tacos, fajitas and fantastic guacamole. However, Sammy doesn’t limit himself to his expectations. They bring a new level of authenticity straight from the Mexican street market to Elgin, with plenty of delicious dishes for those who want something a little more special. For example, their Cochinita Pebble, which includes a special pita recipe that’s hard to find outside of Mexico, or their two-man specialty, Sammy’s.

, which includes grilled cactus among a large selection of grilled meats and vegetables. To spice things up, check out their selection of tequila and margaritas – you’re sure to be relaxed and satisfied.

When you enter Tom Tom, the warm red lighting reflecting the mostly red decor will immediately welcome and inspire you, which is just the beginning of the ultimate dining experience. When you open the menu, you will be faced with a difficult choice. Pad Thai is always a good choice, of course, but they also have more exotic options, like shrimp curry or basil chicken. They also offer you the freedom to make your own salmon or catfish dishes with whatever sauce you like. The dessert menu, often overlooked in Asian restaurants, is also worth checking out, as they feature purple rice – a special type of sweet rice that can be served with mango, banana pudding or ice cream. are Food like no other in Elgin.

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If you want a taste of New Orleans in the heart of the Midwest, there’s no better place than the Grumpy Goat Tavern, where Big Easy vibes and hearty Creole food will make you feel like you’ve stepped into Mardi Gras. Choose from a selection of deviled eggs before settling into a giant grilled grouper sandwich with tangy citrus aioli—a Louisiana staple that the chef rotates weekly. A glass of bourbon on the rocks will cheer you up. A second glass will get you going for the night – there are 60 bourbons to choose from, so you’re sure to be spoiled for choice.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance, and deliver personalized content and advertising to you. To give us a better and more personalized experience, please click “OK” Elgin’s Olde Towne Inn was originally Smitty’s and has been open for over 90 years. Owner Patsy Maple is celebrating the bar’s past this Saturday afternoon. (Mike Danahy/The Courier News)

A spot along Bluff City Boulevard that claims to be Elgin’s oldest bar is celebrating its 90th year in business.

According to information from the Elgin Area Historical Society, in 1927 William “Smitty” Schmitz and his wife Eva built a bungalow, opened it as Smitty’s and served barbeque until the end of Prohibition in 1933. Elgin was at the northeast corner of Bluff City Boulevard at the end of Smith’s and Grace Streets, which is the Route 20 ramp, after the ban was lifted.

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Patsy Maple of Villa Park bought the Olde Towne Inn in July 2015, her first venture into the bar business.

The story of the origin of the place and the other stories he heard along the way were a big part of the attraction that led him to buy the place, Javora.

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