America’s Best In Aurora

America’s Best In Aurora – Who doesn’t dream of seeing the Northern Lights? According to a new study by Hilton, 59 percent of Americans are planning a vacation they would not have considered before the pandemic. One of the most coveted experiences is the dazzling display of the aurora borealis (also known as the aurora borealis). This is in line with the Euronews report on Conscious Travel Trends among travelers seeking travel that promote personal enlightenment and help them connect with nature. Top of the list: a heavenly escape. “Nowadays people want to escape, and stargazing is a vision of other worlds,” writes Tom Marchant, founder of Black Tomato.

Fortunately for stargazers, the last few years have seen an increase in the aurora, which experts say is the result of increased solar activity such as sunspots – and is expected to continue to increase.

America’s Best In Aurora

“Our local star, the Sun, changes over time, obscuring and reducing its magnetic activity every 11 years” – Dr. Stella Kafka, executive director and general manager of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). “As the Sun’s activity increases and the number of sunspots increases, the Sun emits high-energy particles that enter the Earth’s atmosphere and interact with oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere, creating beautiful auroras or aurora borealis.”

Aurora Borealis At Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

The northern lights are an experience not to be missed. Pictured: aurora borealis … [+] view from Norway.

According to Kafka, we are at the beginning of a new solar cycle, so the frequency of observations of the aurora will continue to increase. Where should you go to see the Northern Lights? “Auroras are most common near the Earth’s north and south magnetic poles,” Kafka said. “In the Northern Hemisphere at the time, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Iceland, Canada and Alaska were the best places,” he says. “The sky is dark, nature is amazing and they are close to the magnetic poles.

Here’s the good news, and international travel is a big challenge in times of crisis: you don’t need to travel to the far northern parts of Europe or Canada, as the northern lights can also be seen in the continental United States. “For extreme solar phenomena, auroras can be found in the central United States,” Kafka said.

Great news for Northern Lights hunters: you don’t have to wait until the end of winter for the lights to start. Usually the best time is from December to March

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It’s time to see this mysterious natural phenomenon, but depending on where you are, you can sometimes see the northern lights starting in August. And they can be predicted, says Kafka: “The Aurora Alerts website provides a forecast of the aurora three days in advance.

He dreams of a spectacular view of the Northern Lights in 2021. I told you about amazing ways to see the Northern Lights in 2020. This year, I have 17 amazing ways to see the Northern Lights – from unexpected to truly out of this world.

Note: If you plan to travel to any of the places on this list, you should know that travel during a pandemic may be limited or difficult in some of these places. You should always check the regulations wherever you are and take precautions to protect yourself and others.

Want to add a wishlist experience to your CV? Become an official “LightsChaser” at Hotel Ranga, a luxury cottage on the south coast of Iceland. The hotel is already known as one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights and even offers its guests a wake-up call when lights are visible in the sky. Now the hotel takes things to the next level: it has created a dream job where one lucky photographer will be able to spend a month chasing the northern lights. Hotel LightsChaser will receive free room and board, flights to and from Iceland, and access to a sister hotel in the Highlands. Instead, all you have to do is work the night shift and take pictures of this amazing natural phenomenon. Nice concert. But hurry up: the application deadline is late August.

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Say “om”. The Vulcana, once a fishing and whaling boat, has been transformed into an arctic oasis of tranquility, contemplation and Northern Lights viewing. Here you will find a sauna, Turkish bath, brine bath, cold water pool, zen lounge, bar and restaurant. Located in Tromsø, northern Norway’s largest city, Vulcana offers a range of activities including midnight northern lights swimming, James Bond-inspired cocktail evenings, small-group fjords tours and winter skiing trips.

Sitting on the edge of a remote island in Norway, Hamn I Senja has an amazing view of the lights. But what makes this place special are the photo tours that are offered from September to April. The organizers will do everything in their power to provide you with a great photo, including taking you to the best spots to capture the northern lights. If it is cloudy on the coast, they will go inland to have a better chance of seeing the lights. They will prepare a tripod for you and provide tutorials to help you take photos that will blow your Instagram feed.

Daytime view of the Aurora Hut floating hut at Ollero Eco Lodge in Lapland. Imagine what … [+] it looks like when you watch the northern lights at night.

Finnish Lapland is not only home to more reindeer than humans, it is also the perfect place to escape into the wilderness to see the Northern Lights. Place to visit: the new Ollero Eco residence, located near the Ounasjoki River. This family-run hotel is an eco-retreat with a small cabin, a floating glass igloo and a cottage. In addition to watching a dazzling light show, Ollero Eco Lodge is a great place to go ice fishing, ice swimming and enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna in a wild off-grid setting.

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Here’s another way to experience Lapland’s Northern Lights. Located in the small village of Ranua, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos offers a new type of accommodation ideal for a year-round stay: 10 fully movable igloos. Unlike traditional igloos, which are designed for winter northern lights hunting, these spaces can be moved all year round to a seasonal location. In winter, they can be pulled through snow and ice with snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles. In summer, they swim on the water and move around the lake with electric motors.

Although geographically part of North America, Greenland is politically part of Europe – and is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights as the country has hundreds of clear nights every year. In addition, all small towns and villages minimize light pollution. One of the most beautiful sights is the 37 km long Ilulissat glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fastest glacier in the world. The magnificent Ilulissat Icefjord center opened this summer, giving people an exciting new reason to visit Greenland. The project is funded by three organizations that have collaborated to raise awareness of this unique place: the Danish philanthropic organization Realdania, the Government of Greenland and AvannaataMu. Together, they built a visitor center to match this amazing landscape and educate people about the natural history and culture of the area. Spend the night in the nearby Ilimanak district, where you will find 15 new holiday homes that are part of the Realdania Bi & Big portfolio of buildings of particular architectural or historical interest.

Alberta is a Northern Lights observer’s dream, thanks to one of the largest dark skies sanctuaries in the world and a spectacular location below the Northern Lights circle. Prepare to be amazed by Geo Domes on Elk Island, a sparkling new resort near Edmonton with geodesic domes where nature meets luxury. Stay awake until midnight, turn off your phones and watch one of the greatest sports in the world.

Here’s another new Alberta glamping adventure that brings you first row to this wish list: the new Island Glamping adventure from Urban River Adventures. Here, northern lights hunters can spend the night at the Tree Tent Campground near the North Saskatchewan River and admire the northern lights from higher elevations.

Where Travelers Can See The Northern Lights In The Contiguous U.s.

When you stay at a place called Northern Lights Resort & Spa, you know there are some great sights waiting for you. And it certainly is at this family-run country hotel in the Yukon Valley. The property is located in an open space which provides an unobstructed view of the Northern Lights. It also has three new glass-fronted houses built specifically for viewing the Northern Lights. Watch the colorful skies from your cozy, heated bed with crackling fire in your own room’s fireplace.

Yes, Alaska is the best place to view the Northern Lights in the United States because of its location and dark skies. Ground zero for celestial wonders: Fairbanks, under the aurora borealis

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