5 Best Online Dating Apps 2022

Online dating applications are a new alternative that many people are using lately to find a partner. This technology can match you with the opposite sex from different backgrounds and regions. Armed with a smartphone, finding new friends to chat to achieve love status can now be even easier.

Although it had become a con due to the possibility of cheating, dating apps are still very popular, especially among teenagers and adults. Curious to try your luck? Check out the following online dating app recommendations!

What is an online dating app?

Dating app or online dating application is a platform that allows users to get friends to chat, partners or date by seeing each other’s identities and getting to know each other through chat feature. Usually these applications are chosen because their main purpose is more than just social media in general.

5 Best Online Dating Apps

There are some free online dating apps that you can try. Of course, each application has its own superior features. Want to know what options and features are available? Check out the list of best online dating apps recommendations below!

1. Tinder
Tinder app is the best online dating app widely used all over the world. A Populix search revealed that 35.29% of the 3,000 respondents had used Tinder and are still active users today. The majority choose this application because the name “Tinder” is quite booming even abroad.

how to use This application implements a system where both parties must swipe right as a sign of interest to start a conversation. Only after that you and other users can chat.

Tinder itself offers premium feature services and subscription packages, starting with Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. These features make it easier for users to get a greater “match” opportunity.


2. Tantan
Tantan is one of the most widely used free online dating apps, especially in Southeast Asia and India. This application has an excellent feature that the Tinder application does not have, which is the Moments feature for sharing personal experiences. Later, other users can post comments on those moments.

It can be said that using the Tantan application is the same as using Tinder. All you have to do is swipe left or right on the displayed user. If the user also accepts the sent request, you can use the Let’s Chat feature to chat.

Just like Tinder, the Tantan app has premium features that offer a variety of additional services. The premium tantan dating app itself is available from IDR 30,000 per month for a 1 month package.


3. OKCupid
The third online dating app is OKCupid. Although not as well known as Tinder, the OKCupid application has recently emerged as an alternative for teens to find a partner. Would you like to try? OKCupid is free to download via your smartphone. In addition, there are also paid accounts such as Basic and Premium for additional features and removing ads.


4. Wink
Online dating apps used to focus on whether someone was a match or not, Wink actually opened up ways to share moments and add friends like social media. This app can connect to Snapchat account. So if you find a friend on Wink, you can instantly add that person to your Snapchat account.


5. Bumble
Bumble is an online dating application that has recently become widespread due to the various features that it includes. Unlike other applications, Bumble offers female users the opportunity to start a conversation first. Usage is still the same as online dating apps in general, namely swipe and match.

However, unlike other applications, Bumble removes the match status if there is no chat response from either party after 24 hours. This feature is the advantage of this one online dating application as it is believed to offer the right level of privacy to its users. For example, if the user doesn’t feel like it, they won’t be bothered.