Desolation’s Wake

Desolation's Wake

A dead metropolis. A strength-sapping bionic arm. A long-forgotten friend.


John Osborne has a four-week lease on life. His survival depends on finding the Northland Core, an enigmatic power source hidden within the forsaken ruins of Minneapolis.

With a whole city to scour and time growing short, John needs all the help he can get. When his former commanding officer arrives in Minneapolis and offers to assist, John can hardly refuse. But he’s soon to discover that in this Desolation-ravaged world help comes at a high price.

Every twitch of John’s arm draws death closer. Can John unravel the mysteries of the Minneapple in time? Or will he become another corpse rotting in the murky swells of Desolation’s wake? The body count continues to climb in this bullet-riddled third installment of The Northland Chronicles.

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Publishing Details

  • Title: The Northland Chronicles: Desolation’s Wake
  • Author: Henry J. Olsen
  • Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure
  • Pages: 324
  • Publisher: Unbound Adventure Press
  • Released: September 2015