Spear Hunter

Spear Hunter

Hunter. Hunted. Huntress?


Gunslinger by trade, cyborg by circumstance, John Osborne fearlessly roams the Desolation-ravaged ruins of North America. But with his health rapidly failing, John grows desperate to learn the true nature of the artificial appendage grafted to his shoulder.

Running out of time and options, his last hope lies on a remote isle hidden in the far reaches of the Northwoods. Though he suspects a trap, John has no choice but to venture to the mysterious Mallard Island.

Can John unearth the knowledge he seeks? Or will he fall victim to a fate far more sinister? The hunt is afoot in this electrifying second episode of The Northland Chronicles.

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Publishing Details

  • Title: Spear Hunter
  • Author: Henry J. Olsen
  • Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure
  • Pages: 175
  • Publisher: Unbound Adventure Press
  • Released: July 2014