Ten Days

Tomorrow I’ll set off for ten days in Thailand.

It’s been a year since I last left Taiwan. Though a year may not sound like a long time, it’s surprisingly the longest unbroken stay I’ve had in one country since I first ventured to South Korea over five years ago.

This also happens to be my first trip to Thailand. How I’ve managed to live in Asia for five without making it to Thailand I can’t say, especially considering that Thailand is one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations.

I guess I just like to do things a little differently than most. Perhaps that meant making Thailand wait.

I’m not bringing my laptop, but I won’t hesitate to write in a notebook if I hear a few sentences rattling around in my brain. It’s been a few months since I released anything, so I hope this trip will provide me an opportunity to pen one or two brief stories to tide you over until the next installment of The Northland Chronicles comes out this summer.

Being laptopless doesn’t mean I’ll be completely out of touch. I’ll still have my tablet (Is it even possible to travel in 2015 without Google Maps?), and I’ll be keeping an eye on my inbox. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

I know, I know: Ten days without Henry! It’ll be rough, but I trust you can keep things together until I get back.

Keep it real. I’ll be sure to share photos with you upon my return.


Henry Olsen

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