4 Reasons to Stop Reading Advice On the Internet, Right Now

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Right now, you’re surfing the internet, reading blogs. I can’t reveal to you how or why I know this — let’s just say that my knowledge comes from many years of training my intuition, combined with an unusually keen sixth sense.

I’ve come here today to tell you that there’s a time and place for reading blogs on the internet, but that now is neither that time nor that place. A bold proclamation, I admit, yet I hope you’re willing to trust me on this.

Unfortunately, my powers of deduction do have their limits, in that I can’t say what exactly you should be doing right now. However, I am absolutely certain that you should be doing something other than reading this blog.

Whether that be programming, making dinner, writing your debut novel, knitting, or playing croquet, my advice to you is to close this browser window immediately and get to work.


I see you remain unconvinced. Well then, let me give you four reasons to stop reading advice on the internet, and start doing something productive, right now.

1) Advice is more valuable once you get your feet wet

Let’s say you want to learn how to speak Swahili, but you have no idea where to start. Your first impulse may be to read hundreds of different blog posts about “how to learn Swahili.”

However, by reading all of those posts are you getting any closer to achieving your goal? Can you actually understand all the advice you’re reading? The answer to both questions is probably a resounding “no.”

Instead what you should do is read one or two articles about learning Swahili, and then start following the steps laid out in one of those sources immediately. Though you might not learn the fastest or most efficient way at first, you will be learning, and once you’ve learned a little bit, it will become much easier to weed through more information later to find the good stuff, because let me tell you …

2) There’s lots of bad advice on the internet

Anyone can create a blog and start telling the whole world how to do this or that. In fact, it’s such a popular past time that even yours truly has jumped on the bandwagon.

I'm a billionaire!

But let me ask you this: How many of these bloggers actually know what they’re talking about?

Keep in mind that the internet has been full of information and advice for years now. If all this advice were effective, surely every last one of us would be a billionaire with amazing abs and a supermodel husband or wife. Since that’s obviously not the case, clearly most internet advice is leading people astray. And that problem is only compounded by the fact that …

3) Most successful people don’t fully understand the secrets to their own success

This is a big one.

In short, just because Joe Blogs made a million dollars overnight doesn’t mean he knows how he did it. Sure, he thinks he knows, but I assure you that there are many factors contributing to his success that he can’t/won’t account for when he tells you how to make your million.

Examples of those factors include connections he doesn’t mention, personality traits that he takes for granted, or just a confluence of random events that can’t be easily repeated. Odds are, he left all of that important information out of his “how to” guide. And what’s more, reading books may just be a sign that …

4) You’re procrastinating

How do I know that you’re procrastinating?

Let’s look at the facts: You’re reading a blog post titled 4 Reasons to Stop Reading Advice On the Internet, Right Now. Did you come upon this post while looking for useful information? Seems unlikely — you don’t stumble upon this kind of generalized advice when you’re searching the internet for relevant, practical knowledge

Hence, I know you’re just sitting on your computer, mindlessly surfing away.

So seriously, go do something. Right now.

The power of PSY compels thee.

P.S. I knew you were wondering why I featured a picture of PSY as the header image! This is another one of his hits, which came out two years before Gangnam Style exploded onto the scene. I had the pleasure of hearing it while I lived in South Korea.

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