Ramses’ Thunder

Ramses' Thunder Cover

An unwitting battle of wits


Ramses is on the run in a brand new Northland Adventure!

Fresh off his hair-raising encounter with John Osborne, Ramses Brushnell is rushing through the Minnesota wilderness toward Restoration Army HQ to deliver his report to the General. With only his feet to carry him, Ramses progress is painstakingly slow, until one sweltering afternoon he happens upon an isolated farmhouse belonging to a mysterious hermit known as Gerard.

Why has Gerard spurned his fellow man? And will Ramses find a faster way back to Restoration Army HQ? The answers may surprise you …

Includes a sample of A Stranger North (The Northland Chronicles Book 1)

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Publishing Details

  • Title:¬†Ramses’ Thunder
  • Author: Henry J. Olsen
  • Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure
  • Pages: 30
  • Publisher: Unbound Adventure Press
  • ISBN-13:¬†9780989419345
  • Released: September¬†2014