Escape from MH-ZERO

MH-0 (1000)He doesn’t know where he is.
He doesn’t know why he’s here.
He doesn’t know the way out.
Only YOU can help him escape.


The last thing John Osborne remembers is insurgents sawing off his arm. Now he’s shackled to an operating table, and, astonishingly enough, his dismembered limb is still attached.

John wants to settle the score, but first he must escape. To do so, he needs your help.

Your choices determine John’s fate. Can you guide him through the dangers of MH-ZERO?

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Publishing Details

  • Title: Escape from MH-Zero: A Northland Adventure
  • Author: Henry J. Olsen
  • Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure
  • Pages: 177
  • Publisher: Unbound Adventure Press
  • Released: November 2015