Escape from MH-ZERO – A new Northland Adventure!

MH-0 (1000)The next Northland Adventure is almost here!

Today I finished revising the final draft of Escape from MH-ZERO, a new Northland Adventure starring the one and only John Osborne.

Escape from MH-ZERO is not an ordinary Northland Adventure. If I could, I’d give it a more fitting name, one that rhymes with “Lose your Phone Adventure”. Unfortunately, such a name would grossly violate trademark laws, so instead I’ll just explain how the book works.

What’s special about Escape from MH-ZERO?

Escape from MH-ZERO begins at the first moment of John’s post-Desolation life. On page 1, John wakes up on an operating table, unsure of where he is or how long he’s been unconscious. From there, it’s up to you — yes, you the reader — to help him escape.

Now, you might be thinking: But Henry, isn’t this a book? How can I help John escape?

The answer is as simple as it is elegant. The book is divided into brief sections. At the end of each section, you’re given a choice about how John should proceed. For example:


(This sample is a static image. It is not clickable.)

When reading on your e-reader, tablet, or phone, just click your choice and you’ll be whisked to the next section.

Sounds cool! When can I snag a copy?

Escape from MH-ZERO is due out on November 17th. It will be available from all major e-book retailers.

Have a Kindle? You can pre-order it now from Amazon. Otherwise, look for it on the 17th!

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