Is that a Spear Hunter?

I remember our meeting well. It took place at five quarters past the hour of noon. The day’s stifling heat oppressed nobles and villeins alike. I recalling wondering if perhaps God had cast my beautiful city into the brick ovens of Britannia.

Yet despite the treacherous air, into the field I did venture. It was there, in that exquisitely wide space, that I espied a peculiar sight.

A spear hunter.

spear hunterMy experiences with such beings were many. Caution enveloped my heart. I slowly drew near.

I eyed the savage knave, longingly, lustfully. Dare I say I felt the fires of passion stirring between us?

his eyes

Only when my pupils did drift down would I discover my folly.

The man was not a spear hunter at all.

He was a pole dancer.

pole dancer

Look for The Northland Chronicles: Pole Dancer, coming soon to a Pilates club near you.

Henry Olsen

Writer, adventurer, and humble servant of the universe since 1986.