Unleashing the Bullies


My second book is live on Amazon

One day, a couple of months ago, I dreamed up the concept for Bullies. It was to be a collection of short stories about bullying, highlighting that bullying isn’t limited to the playground — that indeed, bullies exist in all phases of life.

I began writing immediately after the idea came to me, and Bullies combines the two stories that resulted, both of which are set in Asia.

Interested? The full description is below:

Two hard-hitting international adventures, sprung from the darkest corners of the mind of globetrotting author Henry J. Olsen.

  • First, follow a day in the life of Kim Min-su — average student, teenage smoker, and victim of bullying. He’s done well to handle the intense pressures of South Korean culture thus far. But when adversity mounts, how will Min-su respond? Find out in “Above Average: The Tale of Kim Min-Su.”
  • Then, step into the shoes of Kenji Nakamura, the newest employee at Shin-Sekai Digital. Kenji wants to do right by his company and his girlfriend, but, as he delves deeper into the underbelly of Tokyo business culture, his loyalties begin to tug him in opposing directions. Can he survive a crazy night in the world’s capital of weird? Discover the dark side of Japan in “Kenji Nakamura × Tokyo.”

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(Note: You’ll soon be able to purchase it from other retailers, as well, in case Amazon isn’t your thing. Stay tuned for updates here.)


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