Tough times in Tokyo.
Dreary days in Daegu.

Step into the shoes of Kenji Nakamura, the newest employee at Shin-Sekai Digital. Hardworking salaryman by day, devoted boyfriend by night, Kenji strives to live a balanced life. But as he delves deeper into the underbelly of Tokyo business culture, his loyalties begin to tug him in opposing directions. Can he survive a crazy night in the world’s capital of weird? Discover the dark side of Japan in “Kenji Nakamura × Tokyo.”

Then follow a day in the life of Kim Min-su — average student, teenage smoker, and victim of bullying. Min-su has done well to endure the pressures of South Korean culture thus far. But when adversity mounts, how will he respond? Find out in “Above Average: The Tale of Kim Min-Su.”


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“… creating characters who sire empathy in an exciting and different setting that is too often overlooked in American literature.” – Pubbed

Publishing Details

  • Title: Bullies
  • Author: Henry J. Olsen
  • Genre: Short Stories / International Fiction
  • Pages: 35
  • Publisher: Unbound Adventure Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780989419321
  • Released: July 2013