Mallard Island Photos

Below is a selection of photos from Mallard Island, a location prominently featured in my novel Spear Hunter.

All photos were taken by my father, Gary J. Olsen, in the summer of 2009. To avoid spoilers I’ve kept the descriptions brief.

Here are two photos of Front House, where one of the professor’s clues is hidden.

Mallard_Island_May2009 108

Front House

Mallard_Island_May2009 111

Front House from another angle

Next we have the Wannigan, the building that John and Nathan step into to escape the rain.

Mallard_Island_May2009 116


Here is Winter House, where John and Nathan peruse a collection of books.

Mallard_Island_May2009 094

Winter House

Out of all the buildings on Mallard Island, I’ve perhaps taken the most liberties with Japanese House. While I described the house accurately, down to the Japanese characters on the floor, I’ve added certain features that aren’t in the original design. (If you’ve read Spear Hunter, you should be able to guess which features these are.)

Mallard_Island_May2009 085

Japanese House

While the below locations weren’t featured in Spear Hunter, I’ve included these photos to help you better visualize the island as a whole.

First is Cedar Bark. Like the Wannigan, it is also a converted houseboat.

Mallard_Island_May2009 100

Cedar Bark

Mallard_Island_May2009 039

Cedar Bark interior

Mallard_Island_May2009 004

Cedar Bark interior

Small bridges lead to nearby islands.

Mallard_Island_May2009 089

A stone bridge

And finally we have Ober’s House, where Ernest Oberholtzer’s lived.

Mallard_Island_May2009 073

Ober’s House

Mallard_Island_May2009 077

A closer view of Ober’s House

If you’re interested in learning more about Mallard Island or Ernest Oberholtzer, I recommend you visit the Ernest Oberholtzer Foundation’s homepage. Or, better yet, you could visit Mallard Island for yourself!

Escape from MH-ZERO – A new Northland Adventure!

MH-0 (1000)The next Northland Adventure is almost here!

Today I finished revising the final draft of Escape from MH-ZERO, a new Northland Adventure starring the one and only John Osborne.

Escape from MH-ZERO is not an ordinary Northland Adventure. If I could, I’d give it a more fitting name, one that rhymes with “Lose your Phone Adventure”. Unfortunately, such a name would grossly violate trademark laws, so instead I’ll just explain how the book works.

What’s special about Escape from MH-ZERO?

Escape from MH-ZERO begins at the first moment of John’s post-Desolation life. On page 1, John wakes up on an operating table, unsure of where he is or how long he’s been unconscious. From there, it’s up to you — yes, you the reader — to help him escape.

Now, you might be thinking: But Henry, isn’t this a book? How can I help John escape?

The answer is as simple as it is elegant. The book is divided into brief sections. At the end of each section, you’re given a choice about how John should proceed. For example:


(This sample is a static image. It is not clickable.)

When reading on your e-reader, tablet, or phone, just click your choice and you’ll be whisked to the next section.

Sounds cool! When can I snag a copy?

Escape from MH-ZERO is due out on November 17th. It will be available from all major e-book retailers.

Have a Kindle? You can pre-order it now from Amazon. Otherwise, look for it on the 17th!