A Clear March

February was not a good month for writing.

First I spent a few days in Tokyo. Then there were Chinese New Year festivities to partake in. And then, just as the the CNY celebration was winding down, a friend from Korea came to visit me in Taiwan. Needless to say I basically spent the entire month in a frenzy of planning while doing and doing while planning.

March is looking better. March is clear. I plan to get into a groove and wrap up the first draft of The Northland Chronicles 4. Although it’s coming along a bit slower than I’d hoped, the novel is turning out well.

I sent about a third of the TNC4 to my first reader. He’s enjoying it thus far. While that may not sound like high praise, this same reader also thought my first draft of Desolation’s Wake was in dire need of red ink. By that metric, TNC4 is looking to be the best Chronicle yet.

Maybe one day soon I’ll come up with a working title for it.

Henry Olsen

Writer, adventurer, and humble servant of the universe since 1986.