Places I Write: A-Bao


Since recently switching to writing my first drafts on paper instead of keying them into my computer, I’ve been able to branch out and write at a wider variety of locations. As the title of this post suggests, one of these places is A-bao. A-bao is an open air breakfast and sandwich shop I hit …

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Places I Write: Sunny Day

Where do writers write? Some writers sit at the computer in their pajamas, pounding away at the keys. Others take a notebook to the park and scribble down their thoughts while watching passersby. Still others enjoy writing at the beach with a piña colada at their side. Each writer has their own spot (or spots), …

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The Northland Chronicles 2 On Sale Now

Spear Hunter (The Northland Chronicles Book 2) is now on sale. You can buy your copy from Amazon, or visit the book’s page on Simply Unbound to read a synopsis and see the full list of places to buy it. In other news, you’ll see I’ve added a number of in-progress projects to the …

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