Happy Holidays from Henry

My new pen

Here’s to a wonderful 2014 holiday season, full of joy and friendship, and to a fresh start in 2015. I hope you’re looking forward to the new year as much as I am. Enjoy the holidays, –HJO

A Parental Visitation

The snowbirds have landed! My parents flew all the way from snowy Wisconsin to visit me here in balmy Taiwan. I’ve been traveling around with them for the past week, leaving me little time to write or update my blog. Before they arrived, I’d been making significant progress on TNC-related projects. I’ll …

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Don’t Be Alive

Be Living

We spend a lot of time focusing on what we are. “I’m a doctor,” “I’m a father,” “I’m a teacher,” “I’m a brain-eating monkey from the Andromeda Galaxy,” and so on. But when it comes right down to it, what we are is just an extension of what we do. …

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An Evening at Ruifeng Night Market

Ruifeng Night Market

After a long day of studying and writing, one of my favorite ways to relax is by paying a visit to one of the many night markets of Taiwan. Today I’d like to give you a glimpse of this special part of Taiwanese culture. If you ever visit Taiwan, you’ll stumble upon night …

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What happens in the bookstore …

Books in October

Sometimes, I go book shopping. Although I’m actually a big fan of ebooks, I gave my Nook ereader to my sister and the Google Nexus tablet I replaced it with refuses to charge, leaving me without a functional device for reading. I plan to resolve the problem soon, either by repairing the …

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