Henry J. Olsen


Henry J. OlsenLike all successful authors, (soon-to-be) bestselling author Henry J. Olsen writes what he knows.

Henry knows adventure. He’s backpacked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He’s scaled the summit of Mt. Fuji. He’s braved the Black Omen.

Henry knows technology. He’s been surfing the net since his dad brought home a 9600 baud modem. He graduated college with a degree in Mathematics.

Henry knows the world. He’s lived in Japan and Korea. He enjoys foreign books, comics, and games before they’re translated.

Henry knows conflict. He and his editor are forever at war over which of his words will appear in print. Though the deletions are mounting, Henry sincerely hopes the war will continue for decades to come.

Henry currently writes, eats, and sleeps in southern Taiwan.


Novels and Stories

A Stranger NorthSpear HunterDesolation's WakeRamses' Thunder CoverBullies