Jams of the Week (Nov. 28 2015)

A new tune from Spangle call Lilli line? Sign me up.

Why do they capitalize their name this way? I have no idea.

Will you like it? Listen and find out!

Jams of the Week (Nov. 21 2015)

As I’ve done in the past, this week I’d again like to highlight high-quality game music.

To Far Away Times is a ten-track compilation of songs from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. The songs have been rearranged by their original composer, Yasunori Mitsuda. They all feature live instruments, and most have vocals too!

You can listen to the full album on Youtube:

MH-ZERO is out now!

MH-0 (1000)The next Northland Adventure, Escape From MH-ZERO, is on sale now!

Click the book cover to read the full description, or get MH-ZERO directly from:

Barnes & Noble
Google Play


Jams of the Week (Nov. 14 2015)

I started to write The Northland Chronicles 4 on Monday. Already I’m over 7000 words deep.

What’s fueling my writing?

Truckfighters are the oil that keeps my word engine pumping.

Jams of the Week (Nov. 8th 2015)

Update: You can now pre-order the next Northland Adventure, Escape from MH-ZERO, from Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo.

Only one jam this weekend. I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days, and my music-listening time has suffered for it.

This Will Destroy You is a post-rock band. I recently rediscovered them while I was tidying my music library. Here is the opening track from their 2008 self-titled album:

Anyhow, I hope I’ll feel better soon. I wouldn’t want The Northland Chronicles 4 to think that I’m neglecting it!

Jams of the Week (Oct. 31st 2015)

Drug and alcohol abuse. Ridiculous outfits. Kurt Cobain’s wife.

These were the mental tags I had connected to the name “Courtney Love”. This week I added another one to the list:

“Good music”.

For the past month a friend and I have been playing a music game: One of us chooses a theme, and then we both recommend an album that fits the theme.

Our themes have spanned from ordinary to abstract. Our first theme was “10”; predictably, we both choose 10-song albums. Then there was “beige”, which led us to albums with beige covers.

Recently we’ve been choosing Halloween-related themes. This week’s theme, about Halloween parties, led me to choose a lost classic: Hole’s second album, Live Through This.

I’d never actually listened to Live Through This. I chose it based solely on the notoriety of Hole’s lead singer, Courtney Love.

Courtney Love’s name may sound familiar. If it does, it’s probably because Love was married to Kurt Cobain, the singer/guitarist of Nirvana. Though a successful grunge-rocker in her own right, Love could never escape the shadow of her husband’s talent and fame. Case in point: Live Through This is best known for being released four days after Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

Because of its less-than-sterling reputation, I didn’t expect much from Life Through This. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s pretty damn good. While the album loses steam towards the end, the first half is eminently listenable. The best tracks are as catchy as the most popular early-90s grunge classics.

The entire album is available on Youtube. If you’re into 90s music but you’ve never given Live Through This a spin, this is your chance.


Escape from MH-ZERO – A new Northland Adventure!

MH-0 (1000)The next Northland Adventure is almost here!

Today I finished revising the final draft of Escape from MH-ZERO, a new Northland Adventure starring the one and only John Osborne.

Escape from MH-ZERO is not an ordinary Northland Adventure. If I could, I’d give it a more fitting name, one that rhymes with “Lose your Phone Adventure”. Unfortunately, such a name would grossly violate trademark laws, so instead I’ll just explain how the book works.

What’s special about Escape from MH-ZERO?

Escape from MH-ZERO begins at the first moment of John’s post-Desolation life. On page 1, John wakes up on an operating table, unsure of where he is or how long he’s been unconscious. From there, it’s up to you — yes, you the reader — to help him escape.

Now, you might be thinking: But Henry, isn’t this a book? How can I help John escape?

The answer is as simple as it is elegant. The book is divided into brief sections. At the end of each section, you’re given a choice about how John should proceed. For example:


(This sample is a static image. It is not clickable.)

When reading on your e-reader, tablet, or phone, just click your choice and you’ll be whisked to the next section.

Sounds cool! When can I snag a copy?

Escape from MH-ZERO is due out on November 17th. It will be available from all major e-book retailers.

Have a Kindle? You can pre-order it now from Amazon. Otherwise, look for it on the 17th!